New Client Win at Oliver Russell

WaterShed Rainwear in Salem, Oregon has selected Oliver Russell to develop an interactive web tool that will allow customers to design their own rainwear. This tool, according to Oliver Russell, will be similar to those currently being used by footwear manufacturers, allowing customers to put their personal touches on products (Think NIkeID products from Nike).

Congratulations to the staff over at Oliver Russell on the new client win.

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Three Months Later

And Rizen Creative is still feeling a little awkward.

Have they really been that busy for the past several months? If that really is the case, good for them! But given the trend in the agency business, things tend to slow down a bit in the summer months.

I know I sound like a broken record, but doing your own internal work is just as important as doing client-specific work. While this internal work is not billable time, it can lead to future billable work, which ensures the ongoing success of your agency.

Now is an agency’s website the end-all be-all when it comes to attracting new business? Of course not. But it is low-hanging fruit, and you’re missing a piece of the puzzle by not taking advantage of it.

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Something is brewing on the horizon

I came across an interesting article today from AdAge, discussing the “crisis” that the advertising industry is going through, particularly when it comes to hiring talent with digital experience.

While I don’t expect it to happen on the same magnitude here in Idaho, it is interesting to see what’s going on at the national level. In most cases, I don’t believe that agencies around these parts bought into the dot-com hype as much as those in larger markets. Still, there was fallout at the local level from the overall slowdown in the economy, and it’ll be interesting to see if those who were formerly in the industry get snapped up again as this apparent upswing in business filters down to the local level.

You can read the article for yourself here: Digital-Talent Dearth Breeds Crisis
(Courtesy of AdAge)

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