In the news

Included in this week’s Idaho Business Review are stories featuring conversations with es/drake, Closed Loop Marketing and Blueline. The individual articles are here and here.

Also, the print edition contains a list of the top ad agencies, by employee size I believe, for the Treasure Valley (I think). Just got a quick glance at the print version this morning, so I don’t have all of the details.

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On finding talent

I read an article a few months ago about the trouble that local businesses, specifically those of a technical nature, were having in finding qualified employees. While it should come as no surprise to anyone, it does beg the question that can be asked of the agency business here in Idaho — can more be done to attract and retain well-qualified candidates to local agencies?

I’ve seen a number of job openings running repeatedly as of late, which suggests that either the employer is not finding the qualified person, or that the qualified person is not interested in looking for a new job. Add to it the fact that agencies from outside the area have been known to recruit in the area (agency job openings in Portland on the Boise Craigslist are common), and the problem only gets worse.

So, the question remains — can more be done to attract and retain well-qualified candidates?

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In the interest of full disclosure

Some of you know me. Many of you do not.

For those that don’t, here’s a brief introduction. My name is Brian Harrison.

When I began publishing this blog, I was little more than an interested observer of the agency business here in Idaho. I had worked for Stoltz Marketing Group many years ago, and as such was familiar with many of the players around town. I’ve had a day job that has allowed me the chance to keep up on the ins and outs of this business, and natural curiosity about how the whole Web 2.0 thing will affect the work that local agencies are doing.

Well, that’s all about to change.

As of Monday morning I’ll no longer be merely an interested observer. I’ll have skin in the game, so to speak.

I’ve accepted a position with Closed Loop Marketing & Advertising.

Is that going to change what I do on this site? Probably.

Obviously, I won’t be writing about what’s happening inside the agency — that would be nothing short of career suicide. I will most likely keep up on who is coming and going, job openings, and other assorted news. Also, if I see a particularly good, or bad, campaign, I’m still going to call it as I see it.

Even in a “smaller” business community such as Boise, I think we still need to be able to pat each other on the back once in a while, respectfully call bullshit when appropriate, and raise the level of discussion, and consequently the quality of the work.

With that being said, have a good weekend everybody.