Coming into phocus

No, I didn’t suddenly forget how to spell…

I recently received a tip to go take a look at Web Phocus. Turns out it’s a blog from the kids over on the interactive side of es/drake. Also, the posts have been integrated into their main website, although you’ll have to go digging for them in the interactive section of the site.

To Josh, Jamie, Amanda and J Yo I say congratulations on taking the first step. Now that you’ve started it, the easy part is over — the hard part is keeping it updated with content that brings people back.

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Job Opening – Senior Copywriter

Well how about this for a change — a job opening that is outside of the Treasure Valley!

Hanna & Associates in Coeur d’Alene has an opening for a senior copywriter with around 8 years of experience, who probably should have a four year degree in English, Communications or a related field. You’ll have to read the job posting for more, which of course you can find here.
(Courtesy of Talent Zoo)

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A must-read for everyone

I came across this piece, written earlier this week by Tug McTighe of American Copywriter fame. I’ve been a regular listener of the AC podcast and reader of the blog for a couple of years now, and appreciate their no-nonsense style — this is no exception.

Improving your creative life for tomorrow starts today.

Read through it. Share it with someone else. Bookmark it. Go back and read it again.

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So here’s a question that I’ll throw out there to you, dear readers of the Idaho Ad Agencies blog:

Would you like to see a list of resources available within the state of Idaho? I’m thinking this list could be anything from freelance creatives to printers to CD/DVD replication companies.

What do you think?