Where do you draw the line?

At what point to you make the distinction between an individual doing work for a client, and an agency as it’s own entity doing work for a client?

Is it when the business becomes its own legal entity? If so, there’s a whole helluva lot more links that I need to add to the list.

Is it when the business becomes a brand, and that brand takes on a life of its own? If that’s the case, who gets to decide? Me? I think not. My opinions are just that. Opinions.

So, I throw the question out there to you, dear readers…where do you draw the line?

Keeping a low profile

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about them, but Noot Group has been quietly humming along for a while now. They’ve added at least one new member to their staff (and probably more that I’m not aware of), and have updated some of the work on their website.

The latest updates to their portfolio include work that they’ve done for BOB, Meriwether Ranch and more.

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