Always nice to see client success

And in this case, a tip of the hat goes to the folks over at Stoltz Marketing Group.

Peter O’Neill, Chairman of O’Neill Enterprises, will be receiving the 2007 Real Estate Award from the Idaho Chapter of the March of Dimes, “in honor of his involvement in the real estate industry and community.” The award will be presented at a breakfast on December 4th. Additional details about the event can be found on the Idaho Business Review’s website.

O’Neill Enterprises has been around since 1979, and Stoltz Marketing Group has done work on their behalf for many years.

Now, those of you who attended the most recent BAF luncheon will remember Pat Doody’s comments that no agency deserves more than 50% of the credit for a client’s success, or more than 50% of the blame for a client’s failure. The same principal applies here, however I think everyone who has worked for Stoltz over the years on assorted O’Neill-related projects deserves a pat on the back.

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Job Openings at Balihoo

While Balihoo isn’t a traditional agency, per se, much of what’s happening in the agency world, even here in Idaho, is far from traditional. That being said, Balihoo has a couple of job openings that may be relevant to you, dear readers:

Product Marketing Manager: The Product Marketing Manager will “help drive the overall communication, messaging, and marketing for the Balihoo software solution.”

Advertising Media Specialist: The Advertising Media Specialist will “use the Internet to find and perform basic to advanced research on advertising properties, and enter information into the Balihoo web application to fill out the content as well as fulfill user requests for data.”

Both jobs are listed on Craigslist, as well as Balihoo’s website.

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A spin around the state

I took a spin through various agency websites recently, to see what’s new (if anything). Here are a few highlights:

Advantage Advertising: When I last checked in on them – way back in July, there site had been in a state of “under construction” for some time. Well, that’s no longer the case. Instead, it’s “Coming Soon…” How long has it been that way? Good question.

Blue541: At a glance, it looks like things have pretty much been the same since the last time I wandered through. Too long ago…

Creative Soapbox: Something is up with these guys. I’m just not sure what. Their site is in a “coming soon” state as well, but they’ve showcased a bunch of the work they’ve done for their clients.

Steele & Associates: I know that the folks over in Pocatello consistently do outstanding work. If only they’d share a bit of it with updates on their website.

Who me? Snarky? Well, maybe a bit.

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