Client-Side Job Openings: University of Idaho

The University of Idaho has a couple of marketing-related job openings that are worth making note of:

Senior Director of MarketingUniversity Advancement: “The Senior Director of Marketing oversees the integrated marketing/communications, brand management, and creative development activities of the University, with special emphasis on the future student, parent, alumni, and donor audiences.”

Director of MarketingAthletics: “The Director of Marketing represents the Athletics Department in all Marketing issues and directs all efforts relating to the exposure and promotion of all aspects of the University of Idaho Athletics programs to all our constituency groups including local groups, state group and national groups.”

These two positions were originally spotted on the Pullman/Moscow Craigslist site, but you can also find them on the University’s Employment Services page as well.

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Coffee Morning Reminder and Location

Just a reminder that this month’s Coffee Morning is coming up on this Friday morning, July 25th.

The new location for this month’s gathering will be at Thomas Hammer on the corner of 8th and Bannock in downtown Boise.

I’ve heard from a few people that they will be in Sun Valley for the Idaho State Broadcaster’s Association Annual Convention, but to those who aren’t making the trip, you are welcome to join us for some coffee and conversation.

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New Hire at Stoltz Marketing Group

Stoltz Marketing Group has added Lindzee Frei to their staff, as Director of Business Development. She replaces Traci O’Donnell, who was recently appointed Executive Director of the Idaho Beef Council.

Prior to joining SMG, Lindzee was Retail Sales Manager at Orca Bay Seafoods in Renton, Washington.

Congratulations Lindzee.

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Where’s That Line Between Reporting and Opinion Again?

Something about the Idaho Business Review’s cover story this week about “Greenwashing” just rubbed me the wrong way.

Maybe it’s the interviews that seem to end with more questions than answers.

Maybe it’s because Simon Shifrin takes a residential developer, and their agency, to task in a thinly veiled ‘you’re not being open and honest’ sort of way about their business motivations. Let’s not even get into the quoting (somewhat out of context) from the agency’s website, without any actual contact with the agency itself.

Or it could just be the “me too” reporting — writing about “green” activities, environmentally friendly stories and such is all the rage these days, so if the IBR doesn’t cover it, they must be behind the times.

This, my all accounts, is much more of an op/ed piece than business reporting. And I don’t think I’m alone in that opinion. Rick Carpenter, Robb Hicken et. al., you shouldn’t have let this story out the door the way it was published.

Of course, I could just be way off base. Been known to happen before…

Oh, and by the way Simon, it’s Stoltz Marketing Group, not Stolz Marketing Group.

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Quiet Week for the Idaho Ad Agencies Blog

Yes folks, it’s going to be a quiet week for the Idaho Ad Agencies blog. Brian is taking a “working vacation” in Oregon this week, so new posts could be few and far between.

We’ll return to normal programming next week.

In the mean time, here’s a few other sites that might tide you over:

Underdog Effect
Ad Age Small Agency Diary
Silicon Florist
American Copywriter

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Job Opening – Flash/Web Developer

Just came across another anonymous job opening on the Boise Craigslist, this time for a Flash/Web Developer with an interactive web company in Nampa. From the original post:

We are an interactive web company looking to hire on another full-time developer. Our office is in Nampa and would prefer someone that can physically come to the office on a daily basis.

Skills we are looking for:
Flash Programming VERY IMPORTANT (Must have in depth knowledge of Actionscript programming.)

Full details about the position can be found here.

Update: According to a recent comment, this position is with Curious Media.

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Anonymous Job Opening – Graphic Designer

There’s an anonymous job listing on the Boise Craigslist for a Graphic Designer. According to the listing:

We are a small company looking for a highly creative graphic designer to join our team. Responsibilities would include creating projects from concept to production, design for websites, company identities, layouts for brochures, etc.

They’re looking for someone with 2+ years of experience, full knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and more. Full details can be found here.

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