Job Opening: Project Manager

Zeta Interactive in Boise has an opening for a Project Manager.

Among the qualifications that a candidate should have:

BA/BS Degree required
Minimum 6 years of professional experience as a Project Manager for web-based technology solutions or equivalent
Proficient with common tools necessary to maintain efficiency and organization (MS Project, MS Office, Visio or other charting too, etc)
Must possess a clear understanding on online development technologies along with the semantics of developing high profile websites and intricate online applications.
Additional history of front-line involvement in design, consultation, programming and/or production strongly recommended.
Comfortable in a client service environment.

Full details about the job, responsibilities and full qualifications can be found via the original post on Craigslist.

Open RFP: United Water Idaho

United Water Idaho has issued a Request for Proposal for Advertising Agency Services, and they’ve asked us to help spread the word.

Some highlights from the RFP:

United Water Idaho (United Water) through this Request for Proposal (RFP) is soliciting proposals from invited firms, teams, or individuals to provide United Water with full-service advertising agency and creative services. Proposers are requested to submit proposals on or before the submission date that are complete and responsive to the requirements of the RFP.

As a regulated monopoly, United Water Idaho is limited in its advertising to education of its customers or alerting them to significant service issues or disruptions. The company generally does not engage in self-promotional or competitive marketing advertising.

Local (Boise-area) firms only are invited to bid on this contract. The successful bidder should demonstrate knowledge of the Boise media market, have creative services either in-house or provide names and portfolios of subcontractors, and be able to work within the guidelines established by United Water’s corporate identity standards.

Responses to the United Water RFP are due by 12:00 pm Friday, September 25th.

Complete details about the RFP are available via the PDF link below

United Water Idaho Request for Proposal – Advertising Agency Services (PDF)

For any questions about the RFP, contact Mark Snider at United Water.

Market Revival

Here’s an event that was brought to my attention recently.

Freelancers, job-seeking advertising professionals and agencies are invited to show their latest work at Market Revival, a new event coordinated by members of the Boise advertising community.

Registration is free but space is limited, so please reserve your table today by e-mailing Tables will best accommodate stacked, book-style or laptop portfolios.

Event details:
Market Revival
Cole Marr Gallery Coffee House
Wednesday, September 16th
7:30 – 9 AM
Eat • Drink • Network • Browse • Brainstorm

The market’s bouncing back – are you ready? Come check out the latest local work and get fresh ideas and inspiration from Boise’s amazing talent pool. Invite your coworkers, friends and clients – everyone will benefit from this Market Revival.

For more information or to reserve a free table to show work, please e-mail

UPDATE: All tables for this event have been reserved.

Job Openings at Valice

Valice in Boise is hiring for two positions:

Website and Software Developer:

Responsibilities (partial list):

  • Develop, implement, and maintain web-based software applications or specialized utilities
  • Analyze and design databases to support client applications
  • Analyze client needs and develop software solutions that aim to optimize operational efficiency
  • Assist internal team with proposal writing, describing solutions and estimating costs

Qualifications (partial list):

  • Minimum 3-5 years of web-based application development using ASP, ASP.Net, AJAX, SQL, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Experience developing and supporting Flash applications
  • Ability to integrate Web applications utilizing various tools and methodologies such as Web Services

Junior Website Developer:

The Junior Website Developer is responsible for implementing design files into workable and functioning websites on a variety of content management platforms as well as making edits and modifications to the structure and basic functionalities of existing websites. The Junior Developer reports to the Project Manger and also works as a team with the design department.

More details about both positions can be found on the Valice site.

Internship Opening: Graphic Designer

Wirestone in Boise has a Graphic Design Internship available.  From the folks behind the scenes:

Wirestone, a digital marketing solutions company, is looking for a highly motivated and talented Graphic Design Intern to assist with growing needs in our creative department. The intern must be organized, detail-oriented and possess strong typography and layout skills. Day-to-day duties might include working on PowerPoint layouts, helping to design a presentation or creating storyboards for an animation. Knowledge of the following programs will be expected; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint and Word. At Wirestone, our interns are considered an integral part of our team and as such, their ideas and input will be valued.

Those interested should contact Brie Bolopue for more information.

Curb Cup

If you’ve been around downtown Boise, you’ve likely seen the posters.  If you’re active in the Twitterverse, you’ve probably heard the chatter.  But what exactly is Curb Cup you ask?  Well, from the source:

On Sunday, August 30, much of Downtown Boise will be a stage – where entertainment and performance all come to life on our streets and sidewalks.

Destined to be a must-attend, gotta-participate annual signature event for our community, the inaugural Curb Cup will feature hundreds of performers and thousands of voter attendees…all in one great circus of creativity in the heart of our city. It’s all free. It’s all fun. And, it’s all to celebrate who we are, where we live, and how we express ourselves.

Curb Cup

Boise’s Inaugural Curb Cup will take place on Sunday, August 30th from 2pm – 4pm in the streets of downtown Boise.  It features over $3,000 in prizes, including $1,000 First Prize.

And, if you’d like to register to perform, you still have time.  Registration is open until August 25th.

Feedback Needed: Job Board

When the Idaho Ad Agencies blog was revamped earlier this year, one of the new additions to the site was the Jobs section.

Well, it’s been a few months since that happened, so now is a good time to get some feedback from you, dear readers.  Do you use the Jobs section?  How often do you look through the job listings?  Do you find valuable information there?

And, for the employers in the crowd:  Have you considered posting a job on the Idaho Ad Agencies Job Board?  Why or why not?

As always, feedback and comments are much appreciated.

Beer and Blog

What is it, you’re wondering?  In a nutshell:

Beer and Blog is a weekly meet up based on bloggers helping bloggers over beers. It was started by Justin Kistner in Portland, OR in January of 2008.

And yes, it’s happening in Boise too.

You blog?

You drink beer?

You want to hang out with folks who do?

Come to the Front Doorevery Friday between 5:00 – 6:30PM to geek out, get help with your blog, launch a new product, bounce an idea off other geeks, or just kick off the weekend with a couple beers. There is no set agenda, no speaker, no program, just ad hoc, beer-bathed bloggery.

This is a long-overdue addition to the events calendar.


So, you’ve been laid off fairly recently?  You’re not alone, and you’re getting your own movie: Lemonade

Erik Proulx, former Senior Copywriter at Arnold Boston and driving force behind Please Feed the Animals went in search of laid-off agency folks to see how they’ve made a living, a life, and found happiness outside of the advertising world.

Hat tip to the many other outlets that have covered this already, including AdPulp, AgencySpy, The Denver Egotist, PSFK and many, many more.

Okay, Now It’s My Turn

My turn for what?  I’m sure that’s the first thing that came to mind after reading that headline…

As many of you know, Idaho Ad Agencies has been around since early 2006 (hard to believe it’s been that long).  And while it’s become the de-facto hub for everything marketing, advertising, and communications-industry related, the fact remains that it is, and always has been, a side project for me.  On any given day, most of my efforts are focused on running (and generating business for) Almost Live Productions.

Now yes, I do regularly post content throughout the day here, but I’ve always tried to maintain a certain amount of separation between this and everything else that I do throughout the day.  As I’ve told many people over the years, the Idaho Ad Agencies blog isn’t about me, it’s about the people, the work, and the business of marketing and advertising in Idaho.

Now is one of those rare times when the paths will cross.  And yes, here comes the part where I ask for your help.

Business lately has been slow, but steady.  Unfortunately, slow but steady does not pay the bills all that well.  I find myself constantly on the lookout for new work, projects, clients, etc. — you get the picture.

So my question to you, dear Idaho Ad Agencies readers is this: What can I help you out with?  Are there existing clients that might benefit from someone who’s been on both the client- and agency-side of this business, who also has a great deal of experience in the interactive space?  Or maybe it’s a client that needs some help on the search side of things, and understanding how changes behind the scenes, combined with web-specific copy, can impact their site and how it appears in search engine results.  Perhaps your clients are ready to venture into this crazy ‘social media’ space, and need someone who’s been chest-deep in it for a few years that understands how it can work.  Podcasting?  Reporting?  Analysis?  Translating mountains of online data into something meaningful?

Not to sound too boastful, but yeah, I can do that.  And then some.

Should we talk?  Most likely – yes.  Take your pick on how you’d like to contact me here.

And as always, thanks for putting up with me all these years.  Let’s keep doing it, shall we?