From the Comments – Meet the New BAF Board

A comment from Edward Moore in a previous post about a BAF event held the list of new Boise Advertising Federation board members.  So, for anyone who may have missed it (and like me weren’t at the event), here is the new BAF Board:

President – Carolyn Sali
1st VP – John Drake
2nd VP – Sandy Anderson
Holly Sue Kerns
Kelsey Merida
Laurie Asin McMichael
Jennie Myers
Dylan Amundson
Katherine Johnson
Marcie Blogden
Laura Herrick
Crissie McDowell
Shane Vaughan, Chairman (Past President)
Jason Hamilton, Exec. Chairman (Past, Past President)

Job Opening: Underwriting Representative

Yes, this is a break from the norm when it comes to job listings.  Boise State Public Radio is a great organization in my opinion, and one worth supporting — and in this case it means doing so by giving their job opening a little more visibility.

Boise State Public Radio has an opening for an Underwriting Representative.  From the job listing:

Boise State Public Radio invites interested applicants for the position of Underwriting Representative to become a part of our public radio team. Under the direction of the Corporate Support Manager, the Representative has a highly visible position and will act as one of the station’s ambassadors to the business community including advertising agencies and media buyers. Primary responsibility includes securing financial support for Boise State Public Radio programs, special events, challenge grants and local program production. The Representative will develop and maintain sales accounts, including targeting markets, initiating sales calls, sales appointments, presentations, prospecting, proposals, closing the sales and customer relations.

Full details about the position, including how to apply, can be found in the original job listing.

Job Openings at Balihoo and Balihoo Creative

Balihoo and Balihoo Creative in Boise have two job openings worth mentioning:

Marketing Manager:
This role is responsible for the overall representation of the Balihoo brand within our defined market segments and identifying potential new customers within those segments.  Success within the role will be measured primarily by the number of qualified leads driven into our sales team.

Project Manager:
This role is the overall task-master of the group and will be responsible for the scoping, scheduling and managing of all projects from end-to-end.  Depending on available time and skill-set, the role may expand into other areas of business that require this skill-set including software implementation with our clients.

Full details about both positions, requirements and how to apply can be found on their respective pages.

And if you do apply, be sure to tell them that you heard about the jobs here.

The Not-So-Terrible Twos for SOVRN Creative

Our friends over at SOVRN Creative celebrated their second anniversary recently, and shared a few highlights from the past two years, including:

  • Joe has learned more about trash and recycling, water conservation, wastewater management, and nursing than he ever thought he would. Unless you want to incur his wrath, don’t throw away anything that can be recycled. And unless you’ve got a spare hour, don’t mention anything about wastewater or Steven Seagal.
  • For our work in 2009, we earned a Silver Addy and a Gold Rockie for Rapture in Six Cantos, Silver Rockies for both the Parallels video and the Wastewater 2020 video, an Impact Excellence Award for Curb It, and a bunch of Citations for Excellence. Pretty cool, especially since we submitted 5 pieces and received 10 awards!
  • For our annual board meeting, we took a fishing trip. It got pretty dicey at moments, especially since Joe out-caught Philip, the accomplished fisherman. It made it worse that Joe was borrowing Philip’s equipment and hadn’t been fishing for over 20 years. Brian managed to catch quite a few silver Natty Lights.

Whether you want to call it a birthday, an anniversary, or just a milestone — congratulations are in order to Brian, Joe and Philip for all the success they’ve had so far, and what we’re sure will be much more still to come.

They’re in good company too, joining the likes of Mitchell + Palmer and Red Sky Public Relations, who also celebrated their second years in business this spring.

Headline Roundup

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Our Measurement Problem Begins With Definitions

New Hires at Oliver Russell

Oliver Russell in Boise has added two new faces to their staff:

Greg Herzog joins the agency as Account Supervisor, and Raechelle Clark as Account Coordinator.

From Oliver Russell’s website:

Greg joins the team from Creative Media Development, a leading integrated marketing company based in Portland, where he served as producer of direct response interactive projects and product launches for Cisco, Microsoft, and Autodesk, among others. His work experience spans nearly a decade as a strategist and manager in direct response.

Raechelle joins Oliver Russell from the Boise branch of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Boise, where she was in charge of fundraising activities and cause-related marketing programs throughout Southern Idaho. Prior to that, she was a manager at the Arts and Culture Alliance of Coeur d’Alene and communications director at the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce.

Greg will plan, monitor, and track campaign results to ensure optimal performance on behalf of our B-to-B and direct response clients, as well as supervise the account team. Raechelle will manage internal processes and assist in client communications to ensure projects run smoothly, with accuracy, and on schedule.

Congratulations to both.

Job Opening: Designer / Art Director / Genius-type

I love job descriptions like this.  We work in a creative environment, so I’m all for adding a little creativity wherever possible (and practical).

Rizen Creative has an opening for a Designer / Art Director.  From the post on their blog:

Two seemingly unrelated things happened in the past 14 days:

1) We didn’t win a Rockie Award for the category of “Local Single Entry/B&W, Fractional Page.” We didn’t enter, but still…

2) We found ourselves in need of a new designer/art director/genius-type.

While most would see these events as unrelated. We don’t. If you are a designer who can help us fulfill our lifelong dream of winning an award for “Local Single Entry/B&W, Fractional Page,” we want to talk to you.

Send us some sample of your work to

Think you’ve got what it takes to help them win?

Job Opening: Graphic Designer

Valice in Boise has an opening for a Graphic Designer.  From the job description:

Graphic Designer will work with the his/her Design Supervisor to produce design materials for both print and web including layout, typesetting, file preparation, proofreading, and general design activities.

Develop the overall layout and production design
Use the Adobe Creative Suite packages to help create layouts and design elements for print and web
Create graphs and charts from data for use in publications and materials
Review mock-ups and designs for errors before submission to clients
Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned

Applicants should have at least two years of related experience.  Full details about the position are available on the Valice site.