Job Opening: Front / Back End Developer

Motive Media in Boise has an opening for a contract-based Front / Back End Developer.  From their job listing:

Motive Media – A Hybrid Digital + Traditional agency in Boise is looking for qualified applicants to join our development team (contract position). This is a temporary position with the possibility of becoming a dedicated position in the future. We’re seeking an individual who is professional, cheerful, responsible, dedicated, and can handle our office culture. A self motivated “git er’ done” attitude is something you HAVE to posses. We’ll be taking applications via email at Please include all your relevant info and samples of your previous work.

There are a few requirements: 

  • Highly fluent in HTML / CSS 
  • Highly proficient in PHP & MySQL 
  • Able to work in house as well as remote from our HQ in Boise, ID (laptop) 
  • All necessary development software

Full details and how to apply are in the original job listing on Craigslist.

Update from the IAF/ISBA Summer Conference:

Many professionals in the industry might not be aware that each year the Idaho Ad Federation and the Idaho State Broadcasters Association put together an affordable and quality conference. The conference serves as the Annual Convention for the ISBA, and is packed with professional educational opportunities for members of the advertising community as well.

The IAF Summer Conference is held at the beautiful Sun Valley Lodge. Registration was only $150 this year, and included a hosted reception on Thursday evening as well as dinner on Friday evening. Attendees have the option of playing in a golf tournament at the renown Sun Valley course, and can opt to attend the Best In Broadcasting Reception and Awards Dinner on Saturday night for an additional charge.

Summer Conference is a great way to network with professionals in our area, and enjoy a little R&R in Sun Valley. Jeff Jones of Central Idaho Broadcasting in Orofino and Lisa Collins (IAF Chair) of KMVT in Twin put this year’s conference together. They did an excellent job of finding a slate of speakers that were both entertaining and informative.

Marshall Simmonds
Marshall Simmonds presenting to the Idaho State Broadcasters Association and Idaho Advertising Federation.

The first presentation I attended Friday morning was on Internet Search Strategies, from Marshall Simmonds. An excellent presentation on the basics of SEO planning for news publishers.

Marshall lives in Boise, Idaho and is a Chief Search Strategist for the New York Times Company. He also owns a search engine marketing consulting firm called Define Search Strategies.

His presentation included several great examples of successes and shortfalls in maximizing search traffic to and the New York Times. He also integrated a few Idaho State Broadcasting Association member sites into his presentation.The Top 10 SEO Questions to ask your organization:

  1. Can Engines Get to All Your Content
  2. How is internal/external linking?
  3. Are URLs Search Friendly?
  4. Duplicate Content?
  5. Are the right keyword markets targeted?
  6. Are Editorial & SEO Goals Balanced?
  7. Are your templates optimized?
  8. Am I optimizing all my assets?
  9. Domain Strength?
  10. Is Traffic Converting?

Marshall concluded with saying Simple is making a comeback. He also reconfirmed that SEO is a long term plan. It doesn’t happen overnight therefore it should be measured in months.


Jim Gradl
Jim Gradl presenting to the ISBA/IAF Friday afternoon.

Jim Gradl owner of Uboon2, an advertising agency in Chesterfield, Missouri, is a great story teller and presented on the principles of advertising. Using many recognizable brands, Jim provided examples of how to quickly make a lasting impression on your customers. Given that the average thought lasts about 12 seconds, that’s how long you have to impress a consumer.

Jim shared a philosophy that advertising is democracy in action:

  • The agency gets one vote
  • The client gets two votes
  • The consumer gets five votes

Don’t talk about the factory. Talk about the customer.

Overall this presentation was an entertaining reminder that we have to connect with the consumer meaningfully and quickly to compete.


Bob Taber
Bob Taber, Sr. VP, Account Planning, GyroHSR Denver

Bob Taber, Senior VP of Account Planning at GyroHSR in Denver never disappoints.

Bob used a past agency/client presentation to show his agency pitched a
 restaurant chain. He offered up a view of how they pick clients they would like to work with, and then go after them by developing a new business presentation that includes creative strategy, 
customer segmentation, and recommended positioning. By targeting clients, rather than waiting for RFPs, they are able to present themselves on a playing field free of competition.

After the presentation I asked Bob about his comfort level giving away spec work in the pitch. He said he isn’t comfortable with it in a competitive landscape (i.e. RFP response), because anyone can hit one out of the park for a given presentation. That doesn’t mean they will be consistent over time. GyroHSR feels that by taking a proactive approach and targeting clients they want to work for, investing in spec creative is worth the risk.

This was an insightful presentation that surely had the attendees thinking about their new business strategies. And additionally, we all learned a lot about the restaurant industry.

Even though it’s tough for all of us to tear ourselves away from the piles of work on our desks, Summer Conference is always a well deserved mini vacation. Once again I returned home with more industry insight and having connected with old and new friends from around Idaho. Spotted at the Lodge were Ed Moore and (BAF President) Carolyn Sali of Davies Moore – Boise, Lisa Collins of KMVT – Twin Falls, Rick Magnuson and Mike Sanders of MSVM Group – Pocatello, and countless other familiar faces from the world of advertising and broadcasting in Idaho.

I’d love to hear about other attendees’ experiences and what types of workshops you would be interested in seeing next year.

Mike Kerby

Incoming IAF Chair

Idaho Advertising Federation Summer Conference

The 2010 Idaho Advertising Federation Summer Conference is taking place this weekend in Sun Valley, in conjunction with the Idaho State Broadcasters Association Annual Conference.

From the organizers:

The Idaho Advertising Federation Summer Conference will once again be held this year in Sun Valley in conjunction with the Idaho State Broadcasters Association Annual Conference. The conference kicks off this evening at 5PM and runs through Saturday night.

Highlighted Speakers:

Marshall Simmonds, Chief Search Strategist New York Times Company/
Presentation—Internet Search Strategies

Bob Taber, Senior VP Account Planning, GyroHSR, Denver
Presentation—Strategic Sizzle: Using Creative Strategy to Win New Business

Mike Kerby, President of c308 Marketing, is attending the conference, and has graciously agreed to provide occasional update here during the event.  Many thanks to Mike, and we look forward to reading reading about it over the next few days.

2010 Northwest ADDY Award Winners

Although the work was judged back in April and the winners have long-since been notified, I finally had a chance to find the full list of winners from the 2010 Northwest ADDY Awards.  Here is some of the recognition that Idaho entrants received:

Blue541 Advertising:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Brochure, Color) — The Ridge Brochure, The Ridge

Brand Smack:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Non-Traditional Advertising (Non-Traditional) — 2009 Media Kit, Hotel 43

Drake Cooper:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Self-Promotion, Collateral) — Indie Book, Drake Cooper
  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Brochure, Color) — Pharmacy Recruitment Brochure, Albertsons
  • Silver ADDY Award, Consumer or Trade Publication (Consumer/Trade, Full Page, Color) — Family Rafting, Idaho Travel Council

Hanna & Associates:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Elements of Advertising (Logo) — US Forest Service 1910 Fire Logo, US Forest Service, Idaho Panhandle NF
  • Silver ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Website, B-to-B Flash, Services) — Hamilton Website, Hamilton Studios

Katie Shamberg:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Special Event Announcement) — Mockli Wedding Beer Labels, Sara & Andy Mockli

Oliver Russell:

  • Gold ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Self-Promotion, Interactive) — Oliver Russell Website, Oliver Russell

Salty Design Foundry:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Ad Club Promotion) — 2009 Addy Awards “Come Dressed to Kill”, Spokane Ad Fed

Sovrn Creative:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Direct Marketing (Direct, B-to-B or Consumer) — Rapture in Six Cantos, Todd Meier Photography

Stoltz Marketing Group:

  • Best of Show, New Media — To Hell With Prep Campaign, Simplot Food Group
  • Silver ADDY Award, Elements of Advertising (Logo) — Mill District Square Logo, Brighton Corporation
  • Silver ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Interactive Commercials) — To Hell With Prep Video, Simplot Food Group
  • Gold ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Website, B-to-B HTML, Products) —, Simplot Food Group
  • Gold ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Online Campaign) — To Hell With Prep Campaign, Simplot Food Group
  • Silver ADDY Award, Sales Promotion (Packaging Campaign) — Lucky Bums Product Packaging, Lucky Bums


  • Judges Choice, Silver Horse Shoe Campaign, Silver Horse Shoe
  • Gold ADDY Award, Radio (Local Radio Campaign) — Silver Horse Shoe, Silver Horse Shoe

If there are any others that I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll be sure to recognize them as well.