Request for Proposal: Idaho Firewise 2016 Marketing & Media Campaign

Request For Proposals – 2016 Media Campaign

“Don’t Trash Your Public Lands” Media Development and Distribution

Idaho Firewise invites proposals from qualified agencies regarding the development of an integrated outreach campaign to be disseminated throughout Idaho. The campaign will feature messages designed to raise awareness about fire and other hazards associated with dumping on public lands and encourages the public not to trash public lands.  Messages shall be disseminated via television, radio, social media and the web from June through the end of September.

Full Proposal Requirements available here.

Proposals should be submitted via email to Ivy Dickinson at no later than 5:00 pm PDT on April 30, 2016.

Job openings at Drake Cooper

Drake Cooper in Boise has a couple new job openings they let us know about recently:

Art Director

Are we a good match?

YOU: Strategically minded Art Director/Designer rock star type person. Highly developed collaborative muscles and concept chops with mad execution skills. Comfortable living and playing in the digital world. Fluent in geek, gradient, GFX and glass half full vernacular. Not afraid to throw ROI into a sentence, between FTW and a fist bump. Have the talent to back up a huge ego, but you don’t. Passionate, driven, curious, resourceful, inventive, problem solver.

US: We have mad love for advertising and we thrive on creating great work that works. We value debate, breaking trail and making things better than we found them. We collaborate fiercely, we play nice and drink beer together. We’re good at what we do, but we’re constantly working to get better, we embrace change, we take risks, we show up, we stay late when we need to and leave early when we can but we don’t leave anyone hanging, we’ve got each others back. We don’t believe in limitations of titles, we dedicate time to learn and grow. We are artists, nerds, hackers, gamers, coders, storytellers, strategists, analysts, and makers. We don’t work for Drake Cooper, we are Drake Cooper.


  • Current experience talking the talk and walking the walk in marketing, advertising and design
  • Bonus for degree in advertising design
  • Video content and broadcast experience
    Understand how people live and communicate in the digital / mobile world
  • Understanding of all Agency disciplines and how they work together strategically

Project Manager – Part Time Contract


A grown up job for a grown-up who isn’t sure they always want to be a grown-up.

At Drake Cooper, the Project Manager role requires imagination and attention to detail. Someone who rides the swings higher + waxes the slide faster + teeters AND totters by standing in the middle. Ruling the playground is kind of what this job is all about.

You already are a leader, a team builder, and a motivator. You are also articulate and strategic. You are a fundamentally sensitive person who stands up to bullies without being one. You have an empathetic understanding of the consumer as well as the ability to be a bulldog for our creative team to meet the objectives of our clients.

  • You are the internal and external brand champion, Team Captain of Crack the Whip to stay on the brand message and client goals
  • Lead the team through the full production process, from concept, to pre-production, production, execution, and analytic wrap-up
  • Dominate the research, interpret analytics and watch industry trends to keep client strategy and goals within reach and measurable
  • Anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent production delays
  • Collaborate to define project strategy, message and scope. Create and track budgets and project plans, write briefs, reconcile hour tracking, POs, and invoices from project beginning to end. You are Quality Control.
  • Grease the wheels for creative and media collateral for review, revisions, and approval
  • Communicate. Document. Verify. [repeat repeat repeat] [repeat]

Follow the links for full descriptions about the positions and how to apply.

From the “Things we’ve neglected to write about” file

A couple of old news items, but for those tho may have missed it…

Idaho Lottery awards new contracts

Last November, Mitchell+Palmer and CLM were awarded marketing services contracts from the Idaho Lottery. Mitchell+Palmer now handles creative services for the Lottery, while CLM added strategic planning services for the Lottery, in addition to the media planning and buying services, which they’ve handled since January 2013.

A full release from the Idaho Lottery is available here.

The Drake Cooper has been sold

Not the agency, the building.

IAF Silver Medal Award Call for Nominations

The IAF Silver Medal Award is presented annually by the Idaho Advertising to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to advertising by furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence, and responsibilities in areas of social concern.

Following receipt of nominations, the IAF Board of Directors selects a regional panel of Idaho judges to review nominees based on the criteria that follow. Only one Silver Medal is awarded each year, and judges may elect not to award the Silver Medal in any given year.

The Silver Medal winner will be announced at the annual Rockie Awards Show hosted by the Idaho Advertising Federation on May 21, 2016. The recipient’s name is listed with other winners throughout the nation for presentation to the National Conference of the American Advertising Federation.

Learn more about IAF Silver Medal Award selection criteria and how to submit nominations here.

You may submit nominations by E-mail to:
Bob Rosenthal, Scripps Media at

Mail Nominations to:
Idaho Advertising Federation • Silver Medal Award Program
P.O. Box 2691 • Boise, ID 83701

Nomination deadline is Monday, April 18th.