The Idaho Ad Agencies blog made its debut in March 2006 as an attempt to answer a common question: What’s happening in the marketing and advertising world here in Idaho?

Created and managed by Brian Harrison, readership of the Idaho Ad Agencies blog grew steadily in the local advertising community. Inspiration for the site came from other advertising- and marketing-related blogs, such as Adrants, AdPulp and American Copywriter. Dan Goldgeier, writing for AdPulp, stumbled across the Idaho Ad Agencies blog one day, and gave it the notoriety of being the first (to his knowledge) location-specific ad blog.

In addition to the recognition on AdPulp, pieces featured on the Idaho Ad Agencies blog have made their way to sites such as Adrants, and of course there was that infamous bagel incident.

Currently, the Idaho Ad Agencies blog averages approximately 3,000 visits per month, with visitors coming from across the United States and countries around the globe.

About the Author:

Over the better part of the past two decades, Brian Harrison has been involved in the marketing and advertising world in many facets: on the agency side, with shops such as Stoltz Marketing Group, Closed Loop Marketing & Advertising (now CLM), and Mediaphex (now Wirestone), and on the client side, working with Hewlett Packard. Brian’s combination of technical know-how, appreciation for the creative craft, industry contacts and slightly snarky writing style have helped fuel the growth of the Idaho Ad Agencies blog.

Standard Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the Idaho Ad Agencies blog are just that – views and opinions. Every effort is taken to ensure that information is factual and accurate before posted, but from time to time we just get things wrong. It happens. But when it does, we admit our mistake and move on. So please don’t sue.