Blue541 Work Hits Communication Arts

Recently, Blue541’s work for The Resort Boat Shop in Coeur d’Alene was featured on the Communication Arts website.

From the Communication Arts feature:

When local ad agency BLUE541 launched a newsprint ad campaign, it seemed fitting to illustrate the fine art aspect of boat-building. With inspirational imagery, and copy to match, the ad touches an emotional chord for the faithful devotees who eat, sleep and breathe for wood boats and water.

Congratulations to the folks up at Blue541 for the recognition.

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Communication Arts Coverage for Local Work

Oliver Russell’s work on the Hitchcock Building in downtown Boise is currently featured on the Communication Arts website.

The building, home of The Record Exchange, the Neurolux and The Edge, previously had a mural of assorted Alfred Hitchcock movies through the years, but now features a design based entirely on The Birds.

The mural was designed by Toby Robin, with direction from Russ Stoddard, and Fred Choate painting the mural on the building itself.

And of course there’s the obligatory promotional item that comes along with this sort of news: Customers who visit The Record Exchange today (November 14th) and mention that they saw the building mural on the Communication Arts website will receive 20% off their purchase.

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