After Appeal, Journal Can Pick Up KNIN

Reversing an earlier decision, the Federal Communications Commission has approved the sale of KNIN Channel 9 from Banks Broadcasting to Journal Broadcast Group, effectively allowing for a merger of KNIN with KIVI Channel 6.

From the story on KTVB’s website:

The FCC previously ruled that, while KNIN was losing money – it did not meet a specific accounting standard that involves how a station spends money on capital improvements for items like equipment.

KNIN and Journal argued that the capital expenses were actually for the continuation of “bare bones” operation of Channel 9, and only spent money on items essential to keeping the station on the air.

The FCC said that with the additional clarification, it finds that KNIN’s financial condition is “poor” and decided to issue the failing station waiver to allow the merger.

No word on when the transaction is expected to be complete.

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The 6 and the 9 shall remain apart

Okay, it’s a bad joke and a horribly inappropriate title, but then again, when have I been known to be politically correct…

A couple of weeks ago, Don broke the news on Idaho Radio News that KNIN will not become a part of Journal Broadcast Group:

The Federal Communications Commission turned down Banks Broadcasting’s request to declare KNIN as a “failing station.” This makes Journal Broadcast Group’s bid to buy the station and combine it with KIVI Channel 6 impossible. For that matter, it means KNIN won’t be merged into any other Boise TV station for the time being, either.

IRN provides much more detail about the FCC’s decision.

So what does it mean for agency folks? In a nutshell, it is, and is going to be business as usual for now. If you’re in the local media buying business, you’ll still have to buy KNIN apart from other stations. If you use local television stations for broadcast production, you’ve still got the same number of resources available to you.

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