Friday Find: 1994 Rockies Intro

We came across this classic during a recent stroll through YouTube, produced by North by Northwest for the 1994 Rockie Awards.

From the video’s description:

In 1994, the Idaho Ad Federation asked vendors to produce openings for that year’s Rockies Show. North By Northwest chose “Newspaper”. The piece was shot in one night and was Jeff Noble’s first “day” on the job. It won for Best Intro.

A Challenge

My challenge to you this week:

Rather than telling someone no, that their idea is bad, or some other negative response, make a conscious effort to turn it into a positive.

Do you have to tell someone no?  Okay, but also give the person asking the question something helpful—could be a recommendation on someone else they should talk to or another avenue to try.

Think an idea isn’t the greatest?  Tell them what you think could be done to make it better.

On the other side of the conversation?  You’re the one doing the asking?  Don’t settle.  Ask for more information, more feedback, or what you could do differently.

Try it.  Then let others know how it goes by leaving a comment here.

A Question for the Agency Types

If the Idaho Ad Agencies blog were to offer a specific day/time each week where you could call in and share any information, news, or stories about your agency that you’d like to share with the world at large, would you have an interest in that?

Depending on the interest level, it could take the shape of either direct calls, one-on-one, or a weekly conference call where anyone / everyone could be involved.

Feel free to either leave a comment or send an email with any thoughts.  Hair-brained idea?  Yeah, probably.  But then again, that’s how some of the best ideas get their start…