The Balancing Act that is Running an Agency

The Ad Age Small Agency Diary should be required reading for anyone in the agency world here in Idaho. Because let’s face it – every agency in the state is a small agency. No sense in mincing words there.

A recent piece from Phil Johnson on running an agency helps illustrate why:

A strange truth about the agency business is that it’s very difficult to define productivity. An hour on Twitter may lead to a breakthrough idea. Half a day storyboarding a concept may yield nothing useful. These contradictions have led me to conclude that creative agencies operate in two parallel universes. One universe is made up of billable hours and completion of tasks mapped out on a schedule. The other universe looks more like a chaotic playground where people’s actions don’t seem to add up to anything productive. I’ve concluded that the art of running an agency is learning how to inhabit both worlds at the same time.

Take the time to read the entire piece: Running an Agency Means Living in Parallel Universes

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