Bad Form

So I signed up to attend the Be Your Own Media conference that was mentioned in a previous post. Received the confirmation email, schedule, map, etc. Figured I was good to go, right?


Got out to the BSU campus in Nampa, parked, etc. and went into the building. Once I got in there, what did I find? Nothing. No sign, no directions, no note on the door. Wandered around the first floor, still nothing. Went up to the second floor. Nothing. The end result?

I got irritated and left.

Moral of the story — the concept was a good one, but the execution was absolutely horrible. In its most basic form, the purpose of this event was to get people into the seats to listen what someone had to say. But they forgot to point out where the seats were. I know that my reserved seat sits empty today, I wonder how many others are…

Who will buy the awards this year?

I’ve noticed a trend in the Rockies in recent years — one or two shops will, without fail, submit an obnoxious number of entries into every award category that they can (with the accompanying entry fee, of course), thereby effectively “buying” that category. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

I, for one, think that shows such as the Rockies should be a showcase of your best work, not a chance to show off all of your recent work. Save that for your portfolio on your agency’s website. If all of the work that you’ve done over the past year is just that damned good, then by all means, enter away. If not, however, and you enter it anyway, then I’d argue that the agency in question is actually bringing down the level/quality of work that is produced locally. When judges are flooded with 15 entries from one shop, and one or two from a second or third shop, simple math says that the shop with the highest number of entries is more likely to win — even if the one or two “others” may have been better work.

So this is where "help wanted" is going?

As I was driving home last night, I happened to catch a spot on the radio from Commerical Home Furnishings. It turns out that the entire spot was a recruitment piece for a sales/designer position with CHF…

On one hand, it was a great move on their part — the spot ran at roughly 5:45 in the evening, as a good percentage of the 8-to-5ers were on their way home. It hit on many of the emotions that many of those same people are no doubt feeling – unhappy/unsatisfied in their current job, feeling that they could/should be doing more with their career, etc. The spot encouraged peoplel to email – not mail, not call, email – their resume to Sue at CHF. Smart. Very smart.

On the other hand, however, hearing this on the air got me thinking… Has the cost of placing the traditional “help wanted” ad in the newspaper gotten so out of hand that it is now cheaper to create a help wanted commercial? Or, have those help wanted ads in the newspaper really become that ineffective? Food for thought.

Be Your Own Media Conference

If you work in or around an agency in Southwestern Idaho, you should make it a point to attend this conference, presented by BlueLine, Boise State University and others. In today’s agency environment, the “interactive business” can no longer be pushed aside, or passed off to the “interactive group” within your shop.

Everyone in and around the agency business should be at this conference, regardless of whether you’re on the creative side, account services, business development or operations. This is the direction that the business is heading. We all should have, at the very basic, a working knowledge of blogging, podcasting, and the next wave of “new media.”

Now, for those of you who do business/have a relationship with an agency in the area, if I were in your shoes I’d be on the phone asking my agency questions such as: Are they going to send someone to this conference? What is there take on blogging, podcasting, etc? Also, if you can make the time, go to the conference yourself — the more educated the client and the agency are, the more effective the message can be, regardless of how it is delivered.