Be Your Own Media Conference

If you work in or around an agency in Southwestern Idaho, you should make it a point to attend this conference, presented by BlueLine, Boise State University and others. In today’s agency environment, the “interactive business” can no longer be pushed aside, or passed off to the “interactive group” within your shop.

Everyone in and around the agency business should be at this conference, regardless of whether you’re on the creative side, account services, business development or operations. This is the direction that the business is heading. We all should have, at the very basic, a working knowledge of blogging, podcasting, and the next wave of “new media.”

Now, for those of you who do business/have a relationship with an agency in the area, if I were in your shoes I’d be on the phone asking my agency questions such as: Are they going to send someone to this conference? What is there take on blogging, podcasting, etc? Also, if you can make the time, go to the conference yourself — the more educated the client and the agency are, the more effective the message can be, regardless of how it is delivered.

Its that time of year again

Yes, its that time of year again — award season. True, the Oscars have come and gone, but around here there’s still time to get ready for the advertising industry’s local love-fest, er, awards show. And by that, of course, I’m referring to the Rockies.

While it pains me to even look at the Boise Advertising Federation’s website right now (can’t someone step up and offer to redesign the site? anyone?), you must RSVP if you plan on attending the awards show. And, in spite of the self-congratulatory pats on the back that will undoubtedly happen that night (my money is on at least one visit to the St. Lukes emergency room to cast a broken arm), you will have a chance to see some pretty good work that has been produced locally.

So mark the date on your calendar – April 8th, 2006. The show/spectacle starts at 5:30.

Agencies in Idaho

The “Agencies in Idaho” list on the right sidebar is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list — rather its a few of the agencies that first came to mind. Are there others that should be included in that list? Of course there are. Can I think of them at the moment? Not really. As I do, however, I’ll add them to the list.

In the mean time, if you think there’s something that should be included, by all means let me know.