Job Openings at Balihoo and Balihoo Creative

Balihoo and Balihoo Creative in Boise have two job openings worth mentioning:

Marketing Manager:
This role is responsible for the overall representation of the Balihoo brand within our defined market segments and identifying potential new customers within those segments.  Success within the role will be measured primarily by the number of qualified leads driven into our sales team.

Project Manager:
This role is the overall task-master of the group and will be responsible for the scoping, scheduling and managing of all projects from end-to-end.  Depending on available time and skill-set, the role may expand into other areas of business that require this skill-set including software implementation with our clients.

Full details about both positions, requirements and how to apply can be found on their respective pages.

And if you do apply, be sure to tell them that you heard about the jobs here.

Rockies – The Winners: Interactive / Multimedia

Websites – Consumer Budget Less Than $10,000:

Silver RockieDrake Cooper
United Dairymen of Idaho,
Concept:  Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Casting:  Justin Yonk

Silver RockieCarew Co.
Urban Winemakers Cooperative, Urban Winemakers Cooperative Website
Concept:  Paul Carew, Nate Hanson
Art Director:  Nate Hanson
Producer:  Ryan Lascano

Websites – Consumer Budget More Than $10,000:

Silver Rockie – Drake Cooper
CBH Homes, CBH Homes Website
Concept:  Chad Connally
Art Director:  Jennie Myers
Casting:  Josh McDannel, Justin Yonk

Citation: IllustrationOliver Russell
Clearweath, Clearwealth Website
Concept:  Toby Robin
Copy:  Kelli Fulton
Art Director:  Toby Robin
Production:  Curious Media

Websites – B to B Budget Less Than $10,000:

Silver RockieBalihoo Creative
Wide Eye Productions, Website
Concept:  Nicolet Laursen
Copy:  Jennifer Isenhart
Art Director:  Mel Mansfield
Photographer:  Wide Eye Productions
Production:  Nicolet Laursen

Websites – B to B Budget More Than $10,000:

Silver Rockie – Drake Cooper
Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho Department of Commerce Website
Concept:  Warren Lassen, Chad Connally

Online Advertising Non-Interactive:

Silver RockieMitchell + Palmer
ProTeam, Namaste
Concept:  Rob Palmer
Copy:  Billy Mitchell, Rob Palmer
Art Director:  Rob Palmer
Photographer:  David Day
Production:  Maria Sabo
Illustrator: Maria Sabo
Producer:  Maria Sabo

Internet Commercials:

Silver RockieNoot Group
BOB Strollers Inc., “Bob Strollers Snow Video”

Interactive / Multimedia Campaign:

Silver Rockie– Noot Group
BOB Strollers Inc., “BOB Interactive Campaign”

Websites – Consumer Budget More Than $10,000:

Gold RockieStoltz Marketing Group
AIRE, “AIRE Website”
:  Kate Holgate, David Cook
Copy:  David Cook, Dave Jansik
Art Director:  Kate Holgate
Productions:  Kate Holgate
Producer:  John Lewis, Stuart Walsh

Job Opening: Graphic Designer

Balihoo Creative in Boise has an opening for a Graphic Designer. Qualified applicants should have a degree in graphic design or closely related field, 1-2 years of agency or freelance experience, a solid online portfolio, etc. etc.

From the job listing on Craigslist:

The position “graphic designer” is pretty broad, you’re saying to yourself. Well here are some more details. We hesitate to call this “entry level,” but this is for someone at the front end of their career. The majority of the work is “nuts and bolts” – taking client approved concepts and building them out to print and online media. That being said, this isn’t a mindless job for an ape-like automaton. There’s really no such thing as a “junior” in our shop (except for maybe “mints”) so our new graphic designer will have the opportunity to work directly on identity, creative concepts and comps for significant client engagements.

Full details about the position can be found on the Craigslist listing.