Boise Cutters July Meeting

The July meeting of the Boise Cutters is scheduled for today (yes, I know… some advanced notice would be nice and all), Tuesday, July 13th starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Owyhee Plaza Den.

From the event’s description:

The major attraction this month is Ryan Donahue. Ryan is a creative whose talents extend into several realms. He’s taught several BSU classes and offers instruction with The Spark Commission. He is a web developer, a font designer, a motion graphics artist, a filmmaker, and is currently rocking a hardcore beard which only seems to add to his mystique. He’ll be showing off the reel of his alter-ego, Uncle Render, and will have some video projects to speak about and offer for the group to critique. He’ll also be discussing his use of After Effects and Cinema 4D.

We’ll also be continuing our discussion of the video capabilities of the iPhone 4 and how this may change the filmmaking landscape. We have Alex Daw who’ll be in to show a short film he created entirely on the phone. Shooting, editing, everything.

We’ll also be showing a recent project completed by Yellow Box Studio. They’ll show us their video and explain how to make something that kicks ass amid production budget constraints.

Full details are available here.

Boise Cutters June Gathering

The June edition of the Boise Cutters is coming up on Tuesday, June 8th, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Owyhee Plaza Den.

From the event description:

Nobody Cares” and everyone should. This month we’re lucky to have Travis Swartz at the meeting to tell us about his latest project and his use of FCP in the making of. He tells us he has some behind-the-scenes footage to show so come excited, bring questions, bring a friend, and as always pillage your piggy bank for change ‘cuz the bar is open.
We have an exciting late addition to the lineup. Boisean A.J. Eaton is home from L.A. for a few weeks, and will share clips from his latest projects, including roles with the Michael Jackson film “This is It” and the Academy Awards montages!

Full details are available on the Facebook event page.

Boise Cutters May Meeting

The May meeting of the Boise Cutters is being held on Tuesday, May 11th in the den of the Owyhee Plaza Hotel.  This month’s meeting will feature guest speaker Andy Lawless from HipShot Productions.  From the event’s description:

He’ll be taking us through his specific style and giving some pointers on working in the field. Andy has had a long and interesting career in the biz. He’s was a Production Supervisor for Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” and has most recently worked with local production company Wide Eye Productions alongside Bill Krumm and Tom Hadzor, our guests from last month. Also, we’ll have local filmmaker Seth Randal in to speak about how his short is coming along. He’ll have a re-cut for the group to take a look at.

The May meeting again promises to be a good time for networking, learning, and discussing the creative side of Boise and beyond. Please make time to join us on Tuesday, the 11th of May at 7pm in the den of the Owyhee Plaza.

The meeting will kick off at 7:00 p.m.

Boise Cutters March Meeting

The Boise Cutters will be holding their monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 9th from 7:00 p.m. – 10:0 p.m. at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel’s Den.

This month’s gathering will include a demo reel from Yellow Box Studio, and an explanation of how they use 3D imaging and compositing in their work and where they think the technology is going.

The group described itself as:

We are producers, writers, motion & graphic artists, broadcast and film professionals, advertisers, and students of the modern cool. What binds us all is our appreciation for Final Cut Pro’s ability to provide the tools that creativity demands.

More information about the event, and the group, can be found on their respective Facebook pages