First Annual Cascadia Creative Awards Gala

From our friends at ThinkNW:

It’s time to celebrate as we build a bold, creative tradition. The first-ever Cascadia Creative Awards Gala is on Thursday, June 6th at The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Join us for an evening of great creativity, music, food, drinks and fun.

We’ll have raffles, trivia, and other fun stuff leading up to the announcement of our first-ever CCA winners!

Tickets start at $49 for ThinkNW members and $69 for not-yet-ThinkNW members!

Cascadia Creative Awards Final Entry Deadline

From our friends at ThinkNW:

Creativity is a Pacific Northwest tradition—and our region’s agencies, marketers, production companies and solo professionals produce some of the best work anywhere. Throw in that we have some of the world’s most iconic and important brands, and it means it’s time to celebrate.

In 2024, ThinkNW celebrates the region’s creative, brand and media might with the Cascadia Creative Awards, a new Pacific Northwest tradition.

Eligibility details:

Submissions are accepted ONLY for work produced by and/or for a Pacific Northwest-based company and presented to the public in the 2022 and 2023 calendar years.

We define the Pacific Northwest as the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska, and the province of British Columbia.

  • Campaign entities must be paid media, unless otherwise noted in the entry. Spec work is not eligible unless noted.
  • Entries may be from ThinkNW members or non-members.
  • Agencies, brands (i.e., in-house) and individuals are welcome to enter.
  • A single company may enter up to 10 total awards.
  • All entries are subject to eligibility review and approval. Entries knowingly submitted that don’t meet requirements are not eligible for a refund.