Client-side job opening: Digital Experience Marketing Manager

Evoca, a Boise-based startup offering “a reliable, high quality alternative to traditional cable, satellite, and streaming services” is looking for a Digital Experience Marketing Manager to join their team. From the job description on their website:

As Evoca’s digital experience manager, you will be responsible for creating a successful digital experience for customers and prospects, ensuring that each touchpoint of the customer journey is not only effective but engaging as well.

In this role, you will have a deep understanding of Evoca’s customers and prospects, the target demographics, and what digital experiences they desire. You must understand and use customer data to create a digital strategy that not only offers a personalized experience but leads to customer satisfaction. Primary methods for doing so include email marketing campaigns, database development and refinement, website user experience and content strategy development and implementation.

Responsibilities Include

Email Campaign Management:

  • Create and manage Evoca’s email strategy, nurturing leads through email campaigns
  • Develop and implement content strategies by working closely with television network partners, internal team and external agencies
  • Build out content calendar
  • Integrate messaging with other on- and offline marketing campaigns
  • Manage customer life cycle and digital experience life cycle
  • Set up triggers, automations, and journeys in Marketing Cloud
  • Optimize landing pages and manage marketing funnel
  • Analyze and report email campaign performance

Database Management:

  • Segment database based on prospect behaviors
  • Identify leads with high potential for acquisition and retention
  • Evaluate customer purchase and retention trends over time
  • Monitor customer interactions for insights and data

Website Management:

  • Evaluate website traffic according to metrics such as a number of visitors, visitor demographics, session length, conversion rate, new customer acquisition cost and more
  • Improve and manage the UX of the website and other digital channels
  • Work with internal teams to ensure the company’s ecommerce strategy is satisfactory
  • Ensure alignment on key messages, goals, and overall experience
  • Maintain information accuracy on programs, pricing and other pertinent information

General Marketing Management:

  • Manage digital and creative assets
  • Help traffic creative assets with agency partners, including media buyers
  • Coordinate social and email content calendar

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found on Evoca’s website.