New Hire at Foerstel

Foerstel Design in Boise has added Grayson Roberts to their staff as a web developer.

And since there’s really no way to top the first day poem, I’ll just point you over in that direction to give it a read.

Congratulations Grayson.

Job Opening at Foerstel Design

Foerstel Design in Boise has an opening for a Web Developer. From the job listing on Craigslist:


That’s right, we said full time, baby. Foerstel is a graphic design and marketing firm in Boise, Idaho with a 25+ year history of outstanding work for food, high tech, real estate, arts and entertainment, and sustainable clients that are local, national and even international.

We work hard, we collaborate, we have fun. Our employees enjoy an open and relaxed work environment, paid vacation and holidays, and great health benefits. Many also enjoy bacon, but that is not a hard requirement. We are looking for a web developer who knows their stuff and can hit the ground running. We work on a wide variety of projects for an even wider variety of clients, so boredom is one thing you won’t be concerned with.

Full details about the job and how to apply can be found in the original  Craigslist posting.

Foerstel’s Christmas Wish

As seen recently on Foerstel’s Facebook Page:

Foerstel******PLEASE READ***** To all of our Foerstel Friends and to our peers in the design and marketing world. We are very happy in our new office in the Linen District area and enjoy being in the heart of our community. However, because of our location, we see “everyday” how the homeless in our community move in-between shelters and sometimes just don’t have the capacity to make it to some of those shelters. Whatever the situation, we look out, see, and know that these people are trying to survive, especially in this unbearably cold weather!

****HERE IS OUR CHRISTMAS WISH*******Please look in your home…we are sure that you have to have 1 or 2 used blankets that you no longer need, are ready to throw out or donate. We ask that you please bring them to our office at 249 S. 16th St. between now and Friday, Dec. 18th. We want to just hand them out to these people, so they have a blanket to call their own and help shield somewhat from the cold.

We’re not asking you to go buy new blankets, just bring in your own well loved blankets that are no longer needed. … See More

Please respond here with questions or call Laura at 371.2704

Thank you in advance! We want to make a difference in our little community

If you can help, please do.

New Leadership for BAF’s 100th Year

At the recent Three Ounces + Ice event, the Boise Advertising Federation announced their new board members for the year, which marks the BAF’s 100th Anniversary.

All the details from the BAF:

The Boise Advertising Federation (BAF) named their 2009-2010 board members to lead the advertising trade organization, effective June 1, 2009. Shane Vaughan, vice president of marketing at Balihoo, will serve as president for the BAF’s 100th anniversary year.

“I’m honored to be elected BAF president in this, the 100th anniversary year of the organization. The talent in the BAF and the Boise advertising community as a whole is stunning. We’re committed to continuing to build outstanding educational, networking and award programming for the advertising and marketing community throughout 2009-2010”, said Vaughan.

Vaughan succeeds Jason Hamilton, Fuel3 Advertising, who will now serve as chairman of the board.

Board members were voted in by the membership at the annual Past Presidents and Installation event on May 28th. Also during the event, Brian Harrison, Almost Live Productions, received the BAF member of the year award for his outstanding contributions to the organization.

Additional board members include:

Edward Moore, DaviesMoore, executive chairman of the board
John Drake, Drake Cooper, 1st vice president
David Jensen, Oliver Russell, 2nd vice president
Carolyn Sali, DaviesMoore, 3rd vice president
Madeline Rutledge, KIVI-TV, executive secretary
Jennie Myers, Drake Cooper, creative awards show chair
Laurie Asin McMichael, KTVB News Group, fundraising chair
Robbin Gibson, Drake Cooper, membership chair
Sandy Anderson, Journal Broadcast Group, creative awards show judging chair
David Noot, Noot Group, programs chair
Laura Herrick, Foerstel Design + Marketing, public service chair
Kelsey Merida, KIVI, education chair
Lindzee Frei, Stoltz Marketing Group, publicity chair
Holly Sue Kerns, Kerns Branding, government relations chair
Crissie McDowell, Stoltz Marketing Group, website chair

The Boise Advertising Federation is a non-profit volunteer trade organization made up of members in the marketing, advertising, design, web, relationship marketing, mass media and public relation industries. As the oldest trade organization in Idaho, the BAF’s primary goals are to educate and promote professional development among the membership; and guide and protect the advertising industry from unwanted legislation. The BAF offers professional development seminars, informative luncheons and industry networking events.

For BAF membership inquiries contact Robbin Gibson or visit

Rockies Awards – The Winners

I was able to get a copy of the entire winner’s list from the Idaho Advertising Federation’s 2008 Rockies Awards Show (thanks Carolyn). The full list is available in PDF format below.

Here are some of the highlights:

Public Service:
Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Idaho Teen Pregnancy “Parent Land”
Concept: Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy: Joe Quatrone
Art Director: Dennis Budell
Productions: John Nance
Producer: North by Northwest Productions
Casting: Director: Jeff Noble

Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Home Federal “We’re there.” Newspaper Campaign
Concept: Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy: Joe Quatrone
Art Director: Dennis Budell
Photographer: Todd Meier

Identity Programs:
Gold Rockie: Oliver Russell, “Sasquatch Logo”
Concept: Jesse Huffman
Art Director: Toby Robin, Jesse Huffman
Productions: Jesse Huffman
Illustrator: Jesse Huffman

Public Relations:
Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Idaho Lottery, “Raffle PR”
Concept: David Workman
Copy: David Workman
Art Director: Sherie Moody-St.Clair
Photographer: David Workman
Productions: Dave Butler
Casting: Drake-Cooper

Out Of Home:
Gold Rockie: Oliver Russell
The Record Exchange, “Hitchcock Building Mural”
Concept: Toby Robin
Art Director: Toby Robin, Paul Carew, Colleen Morgan
Illustrator: Toby Robin

Gold Rockie: Oliver Russell
The Modern Hotel, “The Modern Hotel Website (”
Concept: James Rice
Copy: Russ Stoddard, Alex Davis
Art Director: Rich Clark

Elements of Advertising:
Gold Rockie: MMG
Boise City Art Commission / Valley Ride, “Bus Sculpty Illustrations”
Concept: Jason Sievers
Art Director: Jason Sievers
Productions: Jason Sievers
Illustrator: Jason Sievers

Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Idaho Lottery, “10 Times the Luck / Acme Hiring”
Concept: Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy: Joe Quatrone
Production: Dave Earnest
Producer: North by Northwest Productions

Sales Promotion:
Gold Rockie: Noot Group
Meriwether Ranch, “Meriwether Ranch Sales Book by Jack Wisdom”
Concept: Noot Group
Copy: Noot Group
Art Director: Noot Group
Productions: Noot Group
Producer: Printing Today

Advertising Industry Self Promotion:
Gold Rockie: Noot Group
“Noot Group Business Cards”
Concept: Noot Group
Copy: Noot Group
Art Director: Noot Group
Producer: Lithographics

Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Idaho Travel Council, “2007 Magazine Campaign”
Concept: Jen Myers, Joe Quatrone
Copy: Joe Quatrone
Art Director: Jen Myers, Joe Quatrone
Productions: Jen Myers

Direct Marketing:
Gold Rockie: Foerstel Design
Idaho Potato Commission, “Stress Ball Relief Campaign”
Concept: John Brenner
Copy: John Brenner
Art Director: Marie Brochier
Productions: John Brenner
Producer: Table Rock Printing

Gold Rockie: Foerstel Design
Blue Cross of Idaho, “Blue Cross of Idaho One to One 2006 Annual Report”
Concept: Darcy Lindberg
Copy: Courtney Ludden
Art Director: Darcy Lindberg
Photographer: Deborah Hardee, Getty Images
Productions: Darcy Lindberg
Producter: Treasure Valley Litho

Gold Rockie: I.E. Productions
Rex Rammell for US Senate, “Monkey Butt”
Concept: Gary Stewart
Copy: Gary Stewart
Photographer: Gary Stewart
Productions: Nells Chick
Casting: Monkey Business

Complete Campaign:
Gold Rockie: Drake Cooper
Home Federal, “We’re There. Small Business Campaign”
Concept: Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy: Joe Quatrone
Art Director: Dennis Budell
Photographer: Todd Meier
Productions: D Budell, J McDannel, J Yonk, A Cash, C Connally
Contact: Lisa Hawkes

Best of Show:
Noot Group
Meriwether Ranch, “Meriwether Ranch Sales Book by Jack Wisdom”

And, as promised, here is the complete list of 2008 Idaho Advertising Federation Rockies Award Winners (PDF format).

Congratulations if you’ve read all the way to this point. About halfway through I realized that this was going to end up being a very long list. At least it only happens once a year.

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