Employment Outlook for Graphic Design

A handly little infographic on the Employment Outlook for Graphic Design. Thanks to Graphic Design for allowing this to be shared, and a hat tip to Von Glitschka for the find.

Graphic Design Outlook Infographic

Internship Opening: Graphic Designer

Wirestone in Boise has a Graphic Design Internship available.  From the folks behind the scenes:

Wirestone, a digital marketing solutions company, is looking for a highly motivated and talented Graphic Design Intern to assist with growing needs in our creative department. The intern must be organized, detail-oriented and possess strong typography and layout skills. Day-to-day duties might include working on PowerPoint layouts, helping to design a presentation or creating storyboards for an animation. Knowledge of the following programs will be expected; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint and Word. At Wirestone, our interns are considered an integral part of our team and as such, their ideas and input will be valued.

Those interested should contact Brie Bolopue for more information.

BSU Portfolio Show

The annual Boise State University Design / Illustration Portfolio Show is coming up once again.  Each spring, students share their work with the community at large.  This year’s event takes place as part of the First Thursday festivities in downtown Boise on Thursday, May 7th.

A few more details about the show that the students passed along:

Busy Thursday night? Clear your schedule.
Long day at class or work? Take a load off.
Have nothing of any merit to do? You do now.

Head down to Beside Bardenay on First Thursday in May to check out the portfolios of Boise State’s Graphic Design and Illustration students. Stimulate the economy by giving us jobs, or support the arts by telling us how awesome we are. If it helps to tell you that we’ll have a bar, then, well, we’ll have a bar. We’ll be there between 5 and 9 PM, so be there or feel really bad when all of your friends show up and wonder where you were.

Featuring the talents of:
-Ferijala Balic
-James Calentino
-Jackie Elo
-Cody Evans
-Allen Gladfelter
-May Hernandez
-Sarah McCarthy
-Tara Roark

Take the time to attend.  You’ll see some talented students who would love any feedback you’d give them.