AIGA Idaho Event: Finding the Creative Path to Happiness, Nicky & Stuart Alden

AIGA Idaho’s next event is in the works: Finding the Creative Path to Happiness, Nicky & Stuart Alden.

An excerpt from the event description on their site:

The small, multi-disciplinary creative studio of Idaho Stew was created to combat “getting stuck” with always doing the same thing for the same client day after day. Born in Idaho, raised in the countryside of Northern Colorado – Stuart decided to play off his name while being honest to his roots. He wanted the freedom to continually explore all areas of creativity and find tangible ways to apply to client work.

At close to 20 years post-graduation from college – they have found an unusual creative path to happiness. And coming mid-November they’ll be excited to share some stories about what keeps them inspired, and host a workshop to get your hands off the keyboard – and immersed in ink.

To get a glimpse of what keeps them busy you can visit their websites: or

Details about the event are as follows:

Date:  Thursday, November 19th
Time6:00pm – 9:00pm 5:30pm – 8:00pm
LocationTBD The WaterCooler, 1401 Idaho St., Boise
Cost:  Unknown

For more information about this event, contact AIGA Idaho.