From the ‘things we missed in 2013’ file

Scott Peyron & Associates is no more.

And now that some readers have had a small cardiac incident, let me clarify. They have not gone out of business or closed up shop.

They changed their name.

The firm, which had been known for years as Scott Peyron & Associates, is now Peyron Strategic Communications. From their release last fall about the name change:

Public relations and marketing expert Scott Peyron today introduced a new identity for his two-decade Idaho agency as Peyron Strategic Communications. The company continues to represent Fortune 500, technology, natural resources and travel leaders in driving awareness and business within selected target groups.

In addition to the name change, Peyron has also grown their staff with two new additions and the promotion of a third. Ed Vining and Jessica Hunt joined the firm as Client Team Media Relations Leader and Client Team Coordinator and Digital and Social Media Program Leader, respectively. Additionally, Noelle Lovern was promoted to Client Team Leader.