Job Opening: Production Manager

Noot Group in Boise has an opening for a Production Manager.  From the job listing on Craigslist:

Noot Group is hiring a Production Manager.

This is you: You have a sense of humor, dedicated, competent and not afraid to ask questions. You don’t get bogged down in minutiae or by egos. And, when it comes to organizational skills, you rival the most tenured librarian. You like to work in a creatively driven environment where you can share your ideas. It would be silly for us to hire people without ideas because ideas are what our clients need. You’re brilliant, competitive, like to work hard and think we lifted the below out of your resume:

  • Unique ability to oversee a multitude of production tasks for a diverse range of media
  • Demonstrates a high degree of understanding and knowledge in new and traditional media development, advertising and marketing, including online, social and viral marketing
  • Able to lead and construct the best course for completing work
  • Identifies, coordinates and understands requirements for efficient production and finalization
  • Projects a high degree of confidence to both creative and account teams
  • Excellent resource for agency during client meetings

Full details about the position, including how to apply, can be found in the original job listing.