New Hire at Creative Soapbox

The new hire news seems to be a common thing these days — and that’s a good thing, I think.

In this latest round, Creative Soapbox has added Ryan Lascano as Lead UX and Interactive Designer. Ryan was previously with Carew Co., where he spent the past few years doing ‘creative that works.’

Congratulations Ryan.

Something new is Sprowting Up

Sprowt, an “initiative to nurture emerging designers in our local design community” has launched in the Treasure Valley.

From their website:

What Is Sprowt?

Sprowt is an initiative to support emerging designers in their transition from university to a professional career. Currently, we’re gathering feedback from local graduates and employers and plan to use that data to develop educational resources for design students and recent graduates. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming surveys and site developments!

Sprowt was recently launched by Justin Kuntz and Ryan Lascano, and we’ll be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks and months.

A review of the Boise State University portfolio show

Designer and friend of the blog Ryan Lascano attended the Boise State University Winter 2010 Portfolio Show last week.  Take a few minutes to read his reaction to the show, as well as the comments and discussion that have since followed.