Get Your Think On! Turning digital trends into strategies and investments into returns

Get Your Think On! Turning Digital Trends into Strategies and Investments into Returns

Remember the good ol’ days? When you could just throw up a banner ad on a local publication’s site? Your audience would love the ad and click like crazy, bringing record traffic to your website?

No, you don’t. Digital advertising has never been that straightforward, and it certainly isn’t now.

Sr. Director of Digital Innovations with Centro, Ryann Manchee, will pain a picture of the current state of the industry and what consumer patterns are causing the most commotion. This seminar will dissect five individual trends, suggest best practice campaign tactics to reach these particular consumers, and take a look at how these trends will shape the strategy and performance of digital ad campaigns in the new year.

Expect to hear about:

  • Planning around the proliferation of devices in an increasingly connected consumer audience
  • Dealing with the no-click consumer
  • What to do with your stockpile of data
  • How to connect with consumers who don’t stay put
  • Tapping the rapidly growing video consumption trend
  • How to deal with ad fraud, blocking and visibility