Job opening: Senior Writer

Oliver Russell in Boise is looking to add a Senior Writer to their team. From the job listing on their website:

We’re on the hunt for a senior writer with 10+ years experience.

You’ll be working with clients that have a product, service, or business model that benefits society. We’re looking for someone with a desire to change world through social or environmental impact and has demonstrated this commitment in her or his life.

Versatility is a must. You will sharpen your pencil on writing everything from email subject lines to copy editing to product naming to campaign concepts.

Positive attitude and a healthy, not unruly, ego required. You’ll be working in a team environment. Not all the work will be glorious. Some of it requires day-to-day workmanship and commitment to craft. Other times, you’ll be seeking the sublime.

You should be comfortable meeting tight deadlines and prioritizing a varied workload in a fast-paced, sometimes unpredictable, and demanding environment.  Strong experience with online writing techniques and best practices is a plus. 

In other words, they’re looking for “an ass-kicking, well rounded, experienced writer who wants to work for a socially responsible company committed to making a social impact.”

Check  out the job description on their site for more information and how to apply.

Job Openings at Drake Cooper

Drake Cooper in Boise has a couple of positions that they’re actively recruiting for — Senior Writer and Production Designer. From the job descriptions on their website:

Senior Writer
A Drake Cooper senior writer concepts, develops, and produces top-notch creative for all agency accounts. This includes writing distinctive and intelligent content for print, broadcast, and all things digital. A senior writer must be able to speak to audiences with a fresh and engaging tone in diverse categories such as Technology, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Government, and Business-to-Business. A senior writer should be agile enough to collaborate with creative team members in all stages of content creation from concept development up to final production. A senior writer receives input and feedback in a professional and proactive manner, meeting all challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.

Production Designer
A Drake Cooper production designer designs, executes, and produces top-notch creative for all agency accounts. A production designer meets deadlines while exceeding expectations and is agile enough to follow creative direction and collaborate with agency creatives while taking the creativity to another level. This involves taking a broad conceptual framework and executing across multiple touchpoints such as: print, collateral, out-of-home, ambient, online, and social. A production designer loves feedback and plays well with others, leaving the ego at the door while working seamlessly with multiple creatives on multiple projects at a time. A fierce commitment to never settling for “good enough” coupled with killer efficiency skills goes a long way at Drake Cooper.

Full details and how to apply can be found in the full job listings on the Drake Cooper website.