The things that happen when we’re not paying attention

For regular readers of the Idaho Ad Agencies blog, you’ve not doubt noticed that updates and new posts have been few and far between.  Or, at the very least, they haven’t kept up with the pace that you’ve come to expect from this site.

Even though that’s been the case as of late, there have still been quite a few things happening in and around the marketing, advertising and communications industry.  Here’s just a sampling:

SOVRN Creative added a new staff member recently.

SOVRN also won a National Silver ADDY Award for their work on Todd Meier’s “Rapture in Six Cantos” Direct Mail, and completed several spots for the “Go On” campaign from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

Red Sky Public Relations welcomed two new folks to their team in the past month or so.

Both the Boise Advertising Federation and AIGA Idaho look to be ramping up events for the season.  The Magic Valley Advertising Federation is also maintaining an active schedule, and the Eastern Idaho Advertising Federation looks to be picking up as well.

All in all, there’s a lot going on these day, with more yet to come.

Even if some half-rate hack blogger isn’t covering it nearly as much as they should…

New Hire at SOVRN Creative

SOVRN Creative has added a new face to their staff in Alex Oyler, who joined SOVRN this past summer.

Alex has a background in motion graphics, animation, music composition, sound design, and traditional graphic design.  Most recently he was with Wirestone in Boise, and has also worked at MMA Advertising in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Alex has a degree in marketing from Boise State University, and has also studied at the Art Institute of Seattle.

Congratulations Alex.

2010 Northwest ADDY Award Winners

Although the work was judged back in April and the winners have long-since been notified, I finally had a chance to find the full list of winners from the 2010 Northwest ADDY Awards.  Here is some of the recognition that Idaho entrants received:

Blue541 Advertising:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Brochure, Color) — The Ridge Brochure, The Ridge

Brand Smack:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Non-Traditional Advertising (Non-Traditional) — 2009 Media Kit, Hotel 43

Drake Cooper:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Self-Promotion, Collateral) — Indie Book, Drake Cooper
  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Brochure, Color) — Pharmacy Recruitment Brochure, Albertsons
  • Silver ADDY Award, Consumer or Trade Publication (Consumer/Trade, Full Page, Color) — Family Rafting, Idaho Travel Council

Hanna & Associates:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Elements of Advertising (Logo) — US Forest Service 1910 Fire Logo, US Forest Service, Idaho Panhandle NF
  • Silver ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Website, B-to-B Flash, Services) — Hamilton Website, Hamilton Studios

Katie Shamberg:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Collateral Material (Special Event Announcement) — Mockli Wedding Beer Labels, Sara & Andy Mockli

Oliver Russell:

  • Gold ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Self-Promotion, Interactive) — Oliver Russell Website, Oliver Russell

Salty Design Foundry:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Advertising Industry Self Promotion (Ad Club Promotion) — 2009 Addy Awards “Come Dressed to Kill”, Spokane Ad Fed

Sovrn Creative:

  • Silver ADDY Award, Direct Marketing (Direct, B-to-B or Consumer) — Rapture in Six Cantos, Todd Meier Photography

Stoltz Marketing Group:

  • Best of Show, New Media — To Hell With Prep Campaign, Simplot Food Group
  • Silver ADDY Award, Elements of Advertising (Logo) — Mill District Square Logo, Brighton Corporation
  • Silver ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Interactive Commercials) — To Hell With Prep Video, Simplot Food Group
  • Gold ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Website, B-to-B HTML, Products) —, Simplot Food Group
  • Gold ADDY Award, Interactive Media (Online Campaign) — To Hell With Prep Campaign, Simplot Food Group
  • Silver ADDY Award, Sales Promotion (Packaging Campaign) — Lucky Bums Product Packaging, Lucky Bums


  • Judges Choice, Silver Horse Shoe Campaign, Silver Horse Shoe
  • Gold ADDY Award, Radio (Local Radio Campaign) — Silver Horse Shoe, Silver Horse Shoe

If there are any others that I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll be sure to recognize them as well.


The Not-So-Terrible Twos for SOVRN Creative

Our friends over at SOVRN Creative celebrated their second anniversary recently, and shared a few highlights from the past two years, including:

  • Joe has learned more about trash and recycling, water conservation, wastewater management, and nursing than he ever thought he would. Unless you want to incur his wrath, don’t throw away anything that can be recycled. And unless you’ve got a spare hour, don’t mention anything about wastewater or Steven Seagal.
  • For our work in 2009, we earned a Silver Addy and a Gold Rockie for Rapture in Six Cantos, Silver Rockies for both the Parallels video and the Wastewater 2020 video, an Impact Excellence Award for Curb It, and a bunch of Citations for Excellence. Pretty cool, especially since we submitted 5 pieces and received 10 awards!
  • For our annual board meeting, we took a fishing trip. It got pretty dicey at moments, especially since Joe out-caught Philip, the accomplished fisherman. It made it worse that Joe was borrowing Philip’s equipment and hadn’t been fishing for over 20 years. Brian managed to catch quite a few silver Natty Lights.

Whether you want to call it a birthday, an anniversary, or just a milestone — congratulations are in order to Brian, Joe and Philip for all the success they’ve had so far, and what we’re sure will be much more still to come.

They’re in good company too, joining the likes of Mitchell + Palmer and Red Sky Public Relations, who also celebrated their second years in business this spring.

Setting Aside Humble and Understated…

…for the moment at least.

Because this is the point at which I get to say that the Idaho Ad Agencies blog is now the award-winning Idaho Ad Agencies blog.

Bear with me – the boasting will be over soon.

The Idaho Ad Agencies blog recently received an Excellence award at Capital City Communicator’s inaugural IMPACT Awards.  It was one of 31 winners in 15 categories at the event, which also included awards to our friends at Rizen Creative, Red Sky Public Relations, FusionSet, Murphy Media Services, SOVRN Creative and many more.

So with that little bit of bragging out of the way, we offer a hearty congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming already in progress.