UX/UI 101: Building a User Experience That Sells

From our friends at Trailhead:

Creating a user experience and user interactions your customers love is key to building a successful company. This is as true for a consulting practice as it is for an app.

Join us for UX/UI to learn the the language, tools and methods of improving your user experience. UX designer Ricky Lyman will walk you step-by-step through the process of designing a thoughtful, functional experience.

This workshop is great for entrepreneurs, designers, software developers or people who work with them.

Ricky Lyman is a UX Designer, passionate about making people happier and improving lives through technology. He serves national clients and is currently focused on designing mobile apps and tools for San Francisco start-up, Clinkle. Ricky blends a unique mix of approachable design, behavioral psychology and data analysis with a get-to-market-faster attitude. Blending in with Boise’s finest, his enthusiasms span Idaho’s rich outdoors, good beer, great friends, and giving back to this great community.