New Hire at DaviesMoore

DaviesMoore in Boise continues to grow, most recently with the addition of Sean Winnett as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Sean is a Boise native, and graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelor’s degree in
Mass Communication & Journalism. Prior to joining DaviesMoore he has worked with other agencies such as Drake Cooper and Tribute Media.

Congratulations Sean.

Rizen Creative expands to the north. And west.

Recently, word got to us that Rizen Creative has expanded, opening an office in Seattle.

And indeed they have, as Katie Meyers has relocated to Seattle, where she’ll be working out of the company’s new satellite office in Seattle. There, she “will focus on new business generation as well as provide strategic insight for current Rizen clients.”

Congratulations to Rizen on the expansion, and to Katie on the move.

Job Opening: Production Assistant

Publicis has an opening for a contract Production Assistant in their Boise office. This is a part-time position, approximately 20 hours per week. From the original job listing:

At Publicis Boise, we embrace resourceful ideas in all that we do, and are seeking someone who embraces the same spirit and approach—someone who loves to uncover new ideas, create new solutions or utilize unconventional thinking to solve problems. We believe that our business is all about being resourceful in helping our clients succeed.

For this contract position, we’re looking for a highly organized, detail-oriented individual to support the agency Production Management in our downtown Boise office (20 hours per week).

Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage and maintain project processes
  • Assist with creating and managing project estimates
  • Coordinate and manage project-specific fulfillment
  • Manage office and machine supplies
  • Maintain project billing specifics

To be considered for this position, submit a cover letter and resume to Krystal Giles at with “Publicis Boise—Production Assistant” in the subject line.

See the full job listing here.

IdahoRadioNews: Big changes in spring 2014 ratings book

Ups and downs.

The world of radio is full of them. But in the recently released Nielsen Audio spring ratings survey of Boise, there is a tremendous amount of change.

Doing an analysis of 25-54 ratings from spring 2013 to spring 2014 shows near chaos. Look at this, ranked on percent change:

+172% KKGL/96.9 The Eagle
+100% KZMG/My 102.7
+81% KQXR/100.3 The X
+75% KJOT/Variety Rocks
+54% KSRV/96.1 Bob FM
+5% KAWO/Wow Country 104.3

-4% KWYD/Wild 101
-14% KCIX/Mix 106
-17% KRVB/94.9 The River
-20% KBOI
-25% KXLT/107.9 Lite FM
-33% KTHI/107.1 K-Hits
-34% KSAS/103.5 Kiss FM
-43% KQFC/97.9 Nash FM
-44% KTIK
-51% KIZN/Kissin 92.3

There are perhaps three storylines that come to light here: rising rock, Cumulus country challenges and My 102.7 FM’s arrival.

Starting with rock: the cohort of stations that primarily plays rock songs saw immense growth — even though KRVB fell off 17%. The rest of the group – KKGL, KQXR, KJOT & KSRV all saw gains with 25-54-year-old adults added 12 total points. Twelve. The Eagle went from the bottom to the top in one year flat (and it was before the boobs and drugs stuff), adding five full points. KKGL has had these odd ‘fluke books’ before where they rise up out of nowhere, then fall back to earth. We’ll see what happens in the fall. Bob FM also had a good book after fixing its format early this year. KJOT, a bit of a BOB-FM wannabe also saw good growth and is now back among the top stations in the market after decades off.

The folks who got Nielsen Audio books this spring were clearly rock fans.

The second storyline is My 102.7. This station was commercial free for months leading up to the ratings period, and saw strong word of mouth. It remains light on personality and spot load, giving it an edge over other stations in its category. The station jumped from not existing (zero) to a 4.7. While the new station still did not top Mix 106 (5.8), it built a strong base, and beat sister station Wild 101 and poppier rival Kiss FM. My 102.7′s 4.7 points were offset by a combined 3.9 point loss across Mix, Wild, Kiss and the River.

Mee-oh-my… Cumulus Media certainly did its best to upset the country apple cart in the market. While I don’t have the morning numbers (if you do, I’m happy to take your emails!), it is clear that KIZN was hurt by the exit of Kevin & Brenda Mee – and KQFC was devastated by the national Nash-FM brand. KQFC dropped from a 3.2 to a 1.8 in the 25-54 demo – a 43% blow. KIZN dropped from a 4.5 to a 2.2 – a 51% drop. Combined, the two stations shed nearly four points.  The two Cumulus country stations used to lead the market. Now, they’re near the bottom.

Wow Country 104.3 did benefit from the Cumulus problems – somewhat. It gained about 6%. New entry KQBL/100.7 The Bull notched a 1.1, soaking up some of the lost Cumulus points. It will be interesting to see if the Mee fanbase moves to the light AC format of KXLT. We’ll know more in the fall.

Summing it up

In the 12+ category, Kiss FM is still on top, followed by Wow Country, The Eagle, Bob FM and KBOI.  KTIK is hurting, but KNFL/ESPN Radio Boise didn’t rate – so we’ll see where this lands as we head to the sports-heavy fall season. The next book will be intriguing – I have a feeling rock will fall back to earth – but where everything else settles remains to be seen.

This chart shows 12+ share among the four major groups (and KKOO).

  • Townsquare (purple) has 30% share. That averages to 5% per station (when KFXD-AM, not rated, is factored in).
  • Cumulus (blue) has 25% of the points. That averages to  4.1% per station (when KTIK-AM , not rated, is factored in)
  • Impact (red) has 21% share. That averages to 4.2% per station (when KNFL-FM, not rated, is factored in)
  • Journal (green) has 20% share. All four stations have a relatively equal 5% rating.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.37.33 PM


Don Day is the Digital Sales & Product Manager for KTVB and wrote & edited for five years. He also tweets a lot

KIVI/KNIN owner switch latest in sea of Boise media changes

The media world is rapidly changing, and Boise viewers, readers and listeners are getting a front row seat.

Just ten years ago, the big players in local media were Gannett (Idaho Statesman), Clear Channel (radio cluster), Citadel (radio cluster), Journal Broadcast Group (KIVI and radio cluster), Belo (KTVB) and Fisher (KBCI – now KBOI).

OYSNow, with the announcement that KIVI, KNIN and Journal’s four Boise radio stations will be folded into EW Scripps, we’ve seen a complete rollover of the distant corporate owners for the Boise airwaves and newspaper. (There is one caveat – Gannett exited the market in 2005 when it sold the Statesman to Knight Ridder, and came back with the purchase of KTVB late last year).

The Journal sale (a merger in technicality, but the Scripps family will be in charge) cleaves the company’s newspapers from its television and radio assets. It follows a path first implemented by Belo oddly enough – and sets up the new newspaper group as a debt-free company which gives them room to experiment without cash flow issues. Television stations earn some of the best margins in business and can easily help service legacy debt (in the case of Scripps & Journal, much of that debt is from legacy pension obligations).

Do Boise viewers and listeners really see a difference in quality or presentation? Perhaps. Small things like new graphics for TV newscasts and group contests for radio stations can be a benefit. Overall it can boil down to how much a corporate owner is willing to invest in a market like Boise. KIVI & KNIN will likely benefit from Scripps which is known as one of the better television station operators.

On the radio front, Scripps does not currently own any radio stations, so the company will be even more heavily weighted toward the television space. It’s not hard to see that Scripps will take some inquiry on buying those stations, but what it’s strategy will be – hold or sell – is anyone’s guess.

Don Day is the Digital Sales & Product Manager for KTVB and wrote & edited for five years. He also tweets a lot

Job Opening: Brand Manager – Contract Position

Drake Cooper in Boise has as opening for a Brand Manager, to be working on a contract basis.

From their job description:

Drake Cooper Brand Managers help clients grow their brand. They lead marketing campaigns, manage teams and deliverables. They love it.


  • Guides brand marketing ideas
  • Creates and recommends marketing plans to build consumer awareness and engage audience.
  • Researches target audience insights for strategic planning purposes
  • Manages multiple campaign elements including theme development, advertising and packaging.
  • Ensures client deliverables and goals are achieved
  • Coordinates client contracts and agreements
  • Manages campaign benchmarks and KPIs
  • Creates documentation – estimates, proposals, purchase orders
  • Occasional content production

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found here.

Job openings at Davies Moore

Our friends at DaviesMoore let us about two new job openings at their shop:

Media Buyer

DaviesMoore, a full-service marketing firm in Boise, is looking for a media buyer to work in a fast-paced, results oriented atmosphere. This individual will be detail oriented, possess strong communication and negotiation skills, working knowledge of excel and ideally have previous experience in a media related field. Experience with Strata Media buying software and Marketing Research a plus.

Learn more about this position here. Note that applications are only being accepted through Friday, July 18th.

Digital Marketing Specialist

We are a full-service Marketing and Design Agency in Boise, Idaho looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to join our growing Digital team.


  • Working together with our designers and developers as well as our digital and offline marketing teams to bring to life digital marketing strategies for our clients and for DaviesMoore
  • Build and manage Search Engine Marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Develop and implement SEO strategies for clients across many industries
  • Monitor and track analytics for different social media, web and digital campaigns

Learn more about this position here. Applications for this one are being accepted through Friday, July 25th.

IdahoRadioNews: Eagle looks to soar by taking the low road

kkgl-logoKKGL/96.9 The Eagle used to be one of the Boise market’s top-rated radio stations. Its mix of syndicated show Bob & Tom and classic rock from the 70s and 80s scored top marks with adult men – and even many women.

But along the way, the station faltered. It cut back, retrenched and saw its ratings fade like a pair of stone-washed jeans. Wave upon wave of corporate consolidation seemed to diminish the station even further as it passed from Citadel to Cumulus.

Ratings were so bad that during the 2012 fall ratings period, the station got beat in the morning drive by Mix 106 — among adult men. Mike & Kate are a popular show to be sure, but drop-kicking the Eagle among men with a very female-driven show was nearly unthinkable just a few years ago. (Back in 2008 I noted how the station was the dominant number one).

These days, the station still clings to Bob & Tom. It also features longtime Boise radio vet Scott Cruise. But oddly, Cruise appears on the Eagle and sister station Nash FM at the same time. Not much of a trick in the day of pre-recorded radio, but perhaps a sad sign of corporate consolidation.

In recent months, changes have come to the airwaves of The Eagle. New afternoon host “Forrest” arrived, followed shortly thereafter by a new after-7 talent.

Perhaps those seem like mundane changes. But station management appears to be adding “sex and drugs” to the rock & roll.

In May, the station posted this teaser:

KKGL new jock teaser

The image linked to a larger, um… fuller image.

When the new jock “Lindsey Marie” debuted, she got the requisite bio on the station’s website, written in first-person voice. The first line, stretched across the top in large font uses a word many find increasingly repugnant:

Hi. I’m Lyndsey. I have a mild case of social retardation, but luckily, I also have a microphone so it all gets captured for you 7p-Midnight

Everyone from the Special Olympics to Michelle Malkin to the state of Michigan have spoken out against the word. Maybe it isn’t a hot button for you personally – but it is for many.

Beyond objectification of women and disregard for those with mental disabilities, the station is in full-on “drugs are cool, man” mode in advance of a Cheech & Chong concert this summer.

The aforementioned afternoon jock Forrest posted this photo to Twitter this week:

With a sign touting the station’s relationship with Boise State in the background and an extra “tobacco pipe” in the foreground, the announcer makes it appear he’s taking a bong hit while in the middle of his shift. One local rival snarked “my guy would be fired for posting a public photo like this.” When I ruminated on Twitter that maybe a blog post was due, Forrest seemed to think that was a great idea, giving his stamp of approval with a retweet:

These are just a few disparate items but they seem to add up to a strategy shift: let’s appeal to men’s more primal instincts. Sex. Drugs. Careless language.

It’s a tactic that works in many markets across the country. But is Boise one of them? The area is stocked with conservatives, and I find even the self-identified liberals are generally pretty moderate in many ways. Maybe the audience will grow, but will blue chip advertisers want spots next to the drugs and the sex?

Time, and the constant pressure of the Nielsen ratings book, will tell.

UPDATE: Forrest pulled the tweet and corresponding image from Twitter. But he left a similar shot in Instagram:


Forrest also un-re-tweeted the tweets and basically seemed to retrench.

Also, the out-of-market night talent, Lyndsey from Atlanta, dialed me up on Twitter with a response:

Don Day is the Digital Sales & Product Manager for KTVB, and wrote & edited the now-defunct for five years.