BAF Luncheon with Bart Cleveland

I had the opportunity to attend the BAF luncheon this past Friday, with guest speaker Bart Cleveland, and I’m glad that I did.

It was refreshing to see the simplicity of Bart’s presentation. He wasn’t intentionally trying to wow anyone — the work did that all on its own. His message was simple: Do good work. Of course he also went on to explain that good work doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a result of everyone’s efforts to make all of the pieces come together for the client at the right time.

Bart also stressed the fact that success doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a result of many years of hard work and frustration, with a little luck sprinkled in as well.

I’m sure everyone who was at the luncheon has their own take on what Bart had to say and present. I, for one, am glad that I took the time to hear what he had to say. For anyone who wasn’t there, you missed out. You can, however, read Bart’s columns on the Ad Age Small Agency Diary to get an idea of what he had to say.

And to Bart Cleveland — thank you for taking the time to come up to Boise Idaho and visit with us for a while.

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Guest Submission

A few months ago, I posted an open invitation for anyone who’d like to contribute to the Idaho Ad Agencies blog. Recently, Shane Vaughan, Vice President of Marketing at Balihoo, took me up on the offer.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is defined as a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is an exploding industry…$9B dollars spent in 2006 and that’s expected to double in the next 5 years. Search Marketing is leading the exploding growth of internet advertising and is revolutionizing the marketing and advertising fields with it’s metricability and true ROI measurement.

Here’s the question…where’s the expertise in Boise? As I talk to the major agencies here in town it seems that no one has this type of expertise on staff. I’ve seen a firm or two (Cendesic) pop up that specializes in this, but it seems that traditional ad agencies are hesitant to add this to their abilities.

This is where web development was in 1998…traditional agencies thought they didn’t need to have this type of ability on staff. They soon realized that specialized agencies were eating up all of the internet business and as campaigns became more integrated they scrambled to build this capability for fear of losing entire accounts. Search marketing is in exactly the same space. Smart agencies and smart people who want to be positioned to be successful in the future will develop these skills.

Feel free to comment away.

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