Rizen Creative

Now those of you who have been reading my assorted posts over the past couple of years know that I’ve picked on Rizen Creative’s website a few times. I swung by there last night just for the hell of it, and an happy to see that they’ve made a whole slew of changes.

The site now includes real content, such as examples of previous work, an overview of their capabilities, and even a list of employees and their contact information.

I’ll reserve comment on the fact that it’s all in Flash for now. I’m just glad to see an update.

To Ron, Jeff and the rest of the crew over there – well done.

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What’s happening outside of the Treasure Valley

Admittedly, too much of what I write about is focused on Boise and the Treasure Valley. It’s where I live, it’s where I work, so it just happens. I am curious, however, if anyone is willing to share information on what’s happening outside of this area.

Northern Idaho? Eastern Idaho? Sun Valley? Anyone?

Case in point — Advantage Advertising. Their website has been “under construction” for longer than I can remember. Anything new up there?

Feel free to send me any updates. As always, you’re welcome to do so in either a credited role or anonymously.

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Lots of new faces at Oliver Russell

Yes, its been a while since I’ve made the “who’s in, who’s out” rounds, but there are enough changes within the past month that make it worth noting:

Mike Landa has joined Oliver Russell & Associates as an associate director. Most recently, Mike was a graphic designer at Pete Wilson DesignWorks, and prior to that he owned his own shop – Occupancy 66.

John Liebenthal has been promoted from senior writer to associate director over at Oliver Russell.

Julie Robinson has joined Oliver Russell as a public relations manager.

Jennifer Seavey has signed on with Oliver Russell as an account services director for Hewlett-Packard. She joins Oliver Russell most recently from the Overland Agency and CMD.

Jesse Huffman is the newest face over at Oliver Russell, joining the shop as a graphic designer. He is a recent graduate of Montana State University.

That’s all of the new faces over there that I’m aware of. Are there others that I’ve missed?

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