Predictions and Trends

Its that time of year again.

The time when everyone and their dog, cat and goldfish makes their predictions about what the biggest trends will be in the coming year.  And, like every year, its a shot in the dark.  Sometimes those predictions are right, sometimes they’re horribly wrong.

That being said, this year I say we crowdsource the whole prediction thing.  I’d like to know what you, dear readers, think will be the big trends in 2010, and any predictions you’d like to make.

Comment away.

There’s a New Year Coming, But its Going to Take Work

2009 is almost done crumbling to the ground, and that shiny new toy that is 2010 still looks good in the display case.  But before you go thinking that things are going to turn on a dime, take a few minutes to read the latest piece from Bart Cleveland on the Ad Age Small Agency Diary.  In it, he offers some good advice on How to Roll Strong Into 2010, such as:

Communicate. Not much good to talk about? You’re not looking hard enough. Even if it is how great everyone is being in the face of hardship, talk about it in your staff meetings, e-mails, etc.

Walk and talk. The economy can’t kill what makes your agency a great place to work; only you can. It has no effect on your imagination or your will to succeed; only you do. It can’t keep you from smiling, or patting someone on the back. Move around your office and talk to everyone at least once a day.

Take a few minutes and give it a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Job Opening: Web/Graphic Designer

An unidentified production company in Idaho Falls has an opening for a Web / Graphic Designer.  From their Craigslist job listing:

Idaho Falls production company is looking for an individual with web and graphic design expertise . He/she will require experience in designing and developing web pages, micro-sites, landing pages, online forms, HTML email and have extensive graphic design experience, preferably in a web-to-print environment. Ideal candidate will have the ability to understand business requirements and translate them into a web product. Must be able to work out of Idaho Falls office.

Client-Side Job Opening: Graphic Designer

SCOTT USA in Sun Valley has an opening for a Graphic Designer.  From the job listing on Talent Zoo:

SCOTT USA is looking for candidate that can contribute to the design and production of motocross and wintersport hard-goods and soft-goods products. Products include but are not limited to: goggles (mx and wintersport), helmets, gloves, ski poles, socks, beanies, hoodies, and t-shirts. As a secondary role, this candidate should also have a print background and be able to handle communication projects when needed.

We are looking for a person with strong conceptual skills. The ability to draw and sketch is required. A technical illustration and/or fine art ability would be a great asset. The ability to render items using 3D software is also an asset but is not required. In addition, this individual must have strong organizational and time management skills. They must be able to meet deadlines and deliver creative under tight deadlines and product restrictions.

Full details about the position can be found via the Talent Zoo listing.

Foerstel’s Christmas Wish

As seen recently on Foerstel’s Facebook Page:

Foerstel******PLEASE READ***** To all of our Foerstel Friends and to our peers in the design and marketing world. We are very happy in our new office in the Linen District area and enjoy being in the heart of our community. However, because of our location, we see “everyday” how the homeless in our community move in-between shelters and sometimes just don’t have the capacity to make it to some of those shelters. Whatever the situation, we look out, see, and know that these people are trying to survive, especially in this unbearably cold weather!

****HERE IS OUR CHRISTMAS WISH*******Please look in your home…we are sure that you have to have 1 or 2 used blankets that you no longer need, are ready to throw out or donate. We ask that you please bring them to our office at 249 S. 16th St. between now and Friday, Dec. 18th. We want to just hand them out to these people, so they have a blanket to call their own and help shield somewhat from the cold.

We’re not asking you to go buy new blankets, just bring in your own well loved blankets that are no longer needed. … See More

Please respond here with questions or call Laura at 371.2704

Thank you in advance! We want to make a difference in our little community

If you can help, please do.

Job Opening: Rich Media Developer

Zeta Interactive in Boise has an opening for a Rich Media Developer.  This person “will have advanced Flash skills to turn our designs into enterprise-scale websites for our stable Fortune 1000 customers including Time Inc, Sony, Mattel, US Airways, Sotheby’s, Century 21 — just to name a few.”

A few requirements for the job:

  • 4 year degree – preferably in Computer Science or Design
  • Proven experience in ActionScript 3.0 and Flash on PC or Mac
  • Proven experience with reverse engineering complex applications and data driven flash development
  • Experience with integrating metrics tracking components into applications
  • And much much more…

Full details about the position can be found here.

Why I Don’t Write About Layoffs Anymore

For the past several months, you may have noticed that news of layoffs has been absent from the Idaho Ad Agencies blog.  And it’s not an accident.

Several months ago, I made a conscious decision to stop writing about “layoffs, downsizing, staff reductions” or whatever other name you want to call it.  Why?  A few different reasons.

There’s enough layoff news going around already.  For the past year (and more), news of layoffs has been everywhere.  Name the medium, name the industry — it was there.  And that sort of news gets old.  Quick.

It puts a spotlight on those who have been affected, whether they’re ready for it or not.

And, quite frankly, it’s draining.  In many cases, these are friends and colleagues, and it’s hard not to let it get to you.

So there you have it.  If you’re looking for the latest layoff news, I’m afraid to say this isn’t the place you’re going to find it.