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A couple of articles that caught our eye this week:

Media Agencies Make Mark as Content Creators via AdAge

The Future of TV: Why Broadcast Needs to Adapt via Mashable

What did you read this week that you found interesting? Anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class?

Headline Roundup

No Matter How PR Evolves, Message Remains King – via Talent Zoo

Social Media Ad Spending Lags – via Adweek

Ad Firm Business Picking Up, Finds Survey – via Mediaweek

Six Strategies for Successful Niche Marketing – via Wall Street Journal

Ad-Supported Food Lands on Horizon Air Flight – via Ad Age

Headline Roundup

From Kohl’s To Nordstrom, Registers Ringing – via MediaPost

A Digital Boot Camp to Groom Talent for Agencies – via New York Times

The Pocket Guide to Defensive Branding – via Ad Age

On-the-Fly Advertising Swiftly Becoming More Commonplace – via Ad Age

Opinion: One Name, One Brand—One Potentially Deadly Idea – via Brandweek

Digital Dissonance – via Adweek

Our Measurement Problem Begins With Definitions – via Ad Age

Traditional Ads Yield Social Traction– via Adweek

Our Measurement Problem Begins With Definitions

Headline Roundup

Social Media: The Link Between Advertising and Public Relations – via Talent Zoo

Why Emotional Marketing Sells – via Talent Zoo

Buick counting on Greg and Laurie Robbins – via Automotive News

Future Thinking – via Adweek

Headline Roundup

Duke study: TiVo doesn’t hurt TV advertising – via Triangle Business Journal

Bud Light to Be NFL’s Official Beer – via Wall Street Journal

BBDO Snatches Webby Agency Award – via Adweek

Industry Explores New Compensation Model for Talent – via Ad Age