New Hires at Mitchell + Palmer

And in other new hire news…

Mitchell + Palmer has added to their staff recently:

Andy Petersen has joined the agency in what I’m assuming is an account service type of role. The smoke signals and tea leaves weren’t quite clear on this one, but we’ll go with what we know…  Previously, Andy worked on the account side at Donahoe Pace.  He is a graduate of Boise State University.

Jeremy Oliver has also joined Mitchell + Palmer as a graphic designer. Jeremy is a recent graduate of Boise State University and certain to get picked on for being the new guy, at least until a newer one comes along.

Congratulations to both.

Anniversaries and Milestones

Congratulations are in order for a couple of shops that are celebrating anniversaries today:

Congratulations to both.

Internship Opportunity – Graphic Design Intern

Mitchell + Palmer in Boise is on the hunt for a Graphic Design Intern.

From the folks at Mitchell + Palmer:

  • 3 month internship, paying $200/month
  • Part-time, hours will be flexible and erratic, sometimes we have lots to do, and other weeks not so much; so someone who can be flexible with us and we will be flexible with them
  • Must have your own computer with Adobe Creative Suite (Flash is a plus but not required) and be able to work from home or from the office, depending on what we have going on
  • Ideal person is a graphic design student or recent graduate from design school who is looking for experience and to learn in a real-life setting—talented, ambitious and committed to doing what it takes to get into the design industry; someone who really wants to make this their career path, not just dabbling in design

To be considered for this position, submit your resume and work samples or digital portfolio to

New Hire and Other Activity at Michell + Palmer

Mitchell + Palmer in Boise has quietly busy since opening their doors in April.

Among other things, they’ve done a little hiring: Hollis Welsh has joined the agency to “assist with project management, strategic research and development, copywriting, community and vendor relations, and account services support.”

They’ve also moved their offices — they’re now in The Muse Building at 1317 W. Jefferson St.

On the client front, they’re current client list includes the likes of Home Federal Bank, Pro-Team, SquareConnect and FameFifteen, among others.

Updated with correct URL for Home Federal.

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A Few New Additions

I’ve been lazy, at best, when it comes to mentioning the new agencies that have been added to the Agencies in Idaho section to the right. So, in no particular order, here are some that have been added recently:

Campbell & Associates – “Targeted advertising & comprehensive media services” out of Pocatello.
Cendesic – “Full service search and digital marketing agency” based in Boise.
Mitchell + Palmer – Branding, strategy, execution, the works (it seems) based in Boise.
Motive Media – Web design, branding, and advertising media agency out of Boise

Who else have I missed?

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