New Hires at Mitchell + Palmer

And in other new hire news…

Mitchell + Palmer has added to their staff recently:

Andy Petersen has joined the agency in what I’m assuming is an account service type of role. The smoke signals and tea leaves weren’t quite clear on this one, but we’ll go with what we know…  Previously, Andy worked on the account side at Donahoe Pace.  He is a graduate of Boise State University.

Jeremy Oliver has also joined Mitchell + Palmer as a graphic designer. Jeremy is a recent graduate of Boise State University and certain to get picked on for being the new guy, at least until a newer one comes along.

Congratulations to both.

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  1. I’m surprised I didn’t know about this. The Mitchell + Palmer office is getting too big. Anyway, welcome. I’m in the office by the window next to the conference room. Drop by and say “Hi.” I have nuts and an Nespresso machine.

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