Types of Agencies

There seems to be a trend in the types of agencies that we have around here.

There are those who are perfectly content to do business the way that they’ve always done it. It’s a proven formula, and has always worked in the past, so why change now? It seems that agencies in this mind-set are those who work primarily with local or regional clients, and aren’t willing to take a lot of risks.

There are the agencies that focus more on the larger clients, and as such don’t give the appearance of having much of a presence at the local level. They crank out their work as a satellite office for whatever larger entity they’re a part of, and leave it at that.

There are also those who are willing to take a few risks with/for their clients and try new approaches, different tactics, etc. These are the types of agencies that are getting a lot of attention in the larger “agency world as a whole” press, and the ones that everyone seems to be fawning over.

Then there are the shops that are the shops that seem to be dabbling a little in each of the other areas. These are the ones that, while they are most likely profitable at present, probably don’t have any sort of defined business direction, and as such you’ll find different groups within the organization trying to go different directions. These are the ones that will eventually have to “grow up” if you will, and make a decision about what kind of business they want to be.

I’ve got my opinions about where I think a good number of the agencies in Idaho fit into this list, but I’d like to know what those of you reading this think about it. The “target for discussion” is up. Feel free to shoot holes in it.

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AAF Regional ADDY Awards

The American Advertising Federation District 11 ADDY Awards have been announced, and among the winners are several Idaho agencies, including:

Closed Loop – Silver ADDY: Collateral Material
Es/drake – Best of Show: Broadcast, Judge’s Choice Award, Gold and Silver ADDYs: Television
Hanna & Associates – Best of Show: Interactive, Gold ADDY: Interactive, Silver ADDYs: Self Promotion, Sales Promotion, Newspaper
Stoltz Marketing Group – Silver ADDY: Collateral Material, Television

While I’m sure I may have missed a few, you can take a look at the full list for yourself here.

Congratulations to all.

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More "help wanted" ads on the radio

Several weeks ago I made a post about hearing a “help wanted” ad on the radio. This morning it came to mind again, as I heard help wanted ads for both A-1 Plumbing and Zamzows during the 8:00 – 9:00 hour on different radio stations.

On one hand I still think that this is an effective way to reach potential candidates, and I have to raise the question again — have the help wanted ads in the newspaper really become that ineffective, or that expensive? Another thought occurred to me however… Maybe the sales people at the stations are just getting more creative at selling their air time…

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