Job openings at SOVRN

SOVRN is looking to grow their team again, and has two new openings they recently posted on their site:

Art Director

We are seeking an art director with excellent design chops who can also provide clear direction without losing sight of project goals. We want an art director that can work with and mentor our designers, animators, videographers and other creatives to lead and unify a creative vision and deliver campaigns that are as impactful as they are thoughtful. To mesh with our team at SOVRN, you’ll need to be able to communicate a vision to the team, provide clear direction and feedback, and listen to client requests to determine how to best incorporate feedback.

As an art director, your responsibility lies in leading and maintaining the creative vision for a project or campaign and helping the team produce that vision. You can expect eager team members to support and enhance your vision, as well as simple and effective processes to help you maintain deadlines and deliverables.

Graphic Designer

We are seeking a talented graphic designer that is looking to create work that makes an impact. We want a talented designer that pushes creative boundaries and delivers appropriate, unique and rich design for a range of work in print and digital mediums. You’ll get great direction and support from the project teams to help you achieve your best work. To fit in at SOVRN, you’ll need to be able to work well with others, which includes having the confidence to stand behind your work and receive constructive feedback.

Full details about both positions — including how to apply — can be found on SOVRN’s website.

Job opening: Art Director at Rizen Creative

Rizen Creative in Boise is looking for an Art Director to join their team. From the job listing on LinkedIn:

Rizen Creative is looking for an Art Director.

Who’s (or what’s) Rizen Creative?

Rizen Creative–you can call us Rizen–is a creative studio in downtown Boise. We are nine underdogs that work on behalf of a bunch of underdogs (we call them clients). We spend our days thinking, creating and executing work that “nails it” for said clients. It could be a video, a website, a facebook contest, a print ad or a killer strategy. Whatever it is, we do it with passion. You’ll find a happy family environment, where we motivate each other to be better. You will not find cubicles, egos or bs.

You’ll also find a stocked fridge and a candy drawer.

Who are you?

You are a driven Art Director (maybe you call yourself a designer, a creative, or just a really talented human). You know the difference between kerning and leading. You see things differently…that’s ok in our book, frankly, required. You play well with others and love the art of critique. Good enough isn’t good enough for you. You take great joy in telling stories about creative work, whether it’s yours or someone you’ve never met. You yell out font names on signs while driving. You live design.

So what does a Rizen Art Director do?

They make ideas come to life…

For full details and how to apply, see the original job listing.

Job Opening: Contract/Freelance Senior Art Director

Drake Cooper in Boise has an opening for a Contract / Freelance Senior Art Director. From the job listing on TalentZoo:

Drake Cooper needs to borrow your talent.

We are looking for a talented (duh), experienced (8+ years agency background with Concept/Design emphasis) Art Director rock star type person with highly developed collaborative muscles, moody egoists need not bother. (May be for multiple months).

Think best in the bathtub? Cool, because working offsite may be possible with this gig.

We want to check you out, digital portfolios only. Hard copy portfolios will not be accepted.

Timing: Be ready to rock in April.

Full details and how to apply can be found here.

Job Openings at Publicis Boise

Publicis Boise is on the hunt for a couple of Art Directors to join their team.

More details and how to apply are available here. But take note, they’re looking to move quickly to fill these roles, so if you think you’d be qualified, don’t drag your feet!

Job Opening: Art Director

Update: This position has been filled.

CLM Marketing & Advertising in Boise has an opening for an Art Director. From the job listing on their website:

CLM is seeking a talented person to fill the position of Art Director. This position will require heavy lifting in the space of print design and more than a passing familiarity with video creation and web design. Applicants who are comfortable working independently and with a team, from concepting ideas on through campaign execution, are encouraged to submit a resumé and portfolio.

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found in the original job listing.