Job opening: Art Director at Rizen Creative

Rizen Creative in Boise is looking for an Art Director to join their team. From the job listing on LinkedIn:

Rizen Creative is looking for an Art Director.

Who’s (or what’s) Rizen Creative?

Rizen Creative–you can call us Rizen–is a creative studio in downtown Boise. We are nine underdogs that work on behalf of a bunch of underdogs (we call them clients). We spend our days thinking, creating and executing work that “nails it” for said clients. It could be a video, a website, a facebook contest, a print ad or a killer strategy. Whatever it is, we do it with passion. You’ll find a happy family environment, where we motivate each other to be better. You will not find cubicles, egos or bs.

You’ll also find a stocked fridge and a candy drawer.

Who are you?

You are a driven Art Director (maybe you call yourself a designer, a creative, or just a really talented human). You know the difference between kerning and leading. You see things differently…that’s ok in our book, frankly, required. You play well with others and love the art of critique. Good enough isn’t good enough for you. You take great joy in telling stories about creative work, whether it’s yours or someone you’ve never met. You yell out font names on signs while driving. You live design.

So what does a Rizen Art Director do?

They make ideas come to life…

For full details and how to apply, see the original job listing.

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