New Hires at Rizen Creative

Okay, so it’s been a while since we’ve done a ‘new hires’ post, but that’s not to say that things are stagnant everywhere. Case in point…

At Rizen Creative, they’ve added a couple of new faces to their staff.

Tyler Reitz has joined the agency in April as Account & Traffic Coordinator. Tyler was previously Creative Projects Manager at FusionSet, and also worked on the client service side at Donahoe Pace & Partners.

Rizen’s most recent addition to their staff is Jeremy James, whose first day was today, or so says the latest picture (as of this writing) on their Facebook Page. Prior to joining Rizen — as an Art Director we assume — Jeremy spent the past seven or so years in a similar role at Donahoe Pace.

Congratulations to both.

Setting Aside Humble and Understated…

…for the moment at least.

Because this is the point at which I get to say that the Idaho Ad Agencies blog is now the award-winning Idaho Ad Agencies blog.

Bear with me – the boasting will be over soon.

The Idaho Ad Agencies blog recently received an Excellence award at Capital City Communicator’s inaugural IMPACT Awards.  It was one of 31 winners in 15 categories at the event, which also included awards to our friends at Rizen Creative, Red Sky Public Relations, FusionSet, Murphy Media Services, SOVRN Creative and many more.

So with that little bit of bragging out of the way, we offer a hearty congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming already in progress.

Rockies – The Winners: Complete Campaign

B to B Local Campaign:

Silver RockieFusionSet, Inc.
Earthpaw Inc., Earthpaw Image Materials
Concept:  Danielle Tindall, Tricia Keener-Blaha
Copy:  Angeli Weller
Production:  Danielle Tindall

Consumer Local Campaign:

Silver RockieStoltz Marketing Group
Avimor, “2008 Campaign”
Concept:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, David Cook, Terri Martin, Ken Stoltz, Chryssa Rich
Copy:  David Cook, Dave Jansik, Chryssa Rich
Art Director:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, Terri Martin
Photography:  Glenn Oakley, Chad Case
Illustrator:  Kate Holgate, Crissie McDowell
Production:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, Terri Martin
Producer:  John Lewis, Joslyn & Morris, North by Northwest, Wide Eye Productions
Casting:  Jill Coles

Citation: CollateralDrake Cooper
College of Idaho, We Are the College of Idaho
Concept:  Warren Lassen
Copy:  Warren Lassen
Art Director:  Warren Lassen
Photography:  Warren Lassen, Chad Case
Production:  North by Northwest
Producer:  The Caxton Printers
Casting:  North by Northwest

Consumer Regional / National Campaign:

Gold Rockie – Drake Cooper
United Dairymen of Idaho, Kristin Armstrong / Chocolate Milk Campaign
Concept:  Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy:  Joe Quatrone
Art Director:  Dennis Budell
Production:  Cale Cathey
Production Photographer:  Tri-Digital Group
Television Production:  North by Northwest

New Hire at FusionSet

And, while over at the FusionSet site for the previous post, I noticed that they’ve grown a bit too:

Danielle Tindall has joined FusionSet as a Graphic Designer.

Congratulations Danielle.

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Local PR Agencies Team Up on National Account

Although this news is a little late in coming, it is worth noting that Murphy Media Services and FusionSet were selected to develop and conduct a media outreach and publicity campaign for the National Diving Dog Tour.

The tour, which takes place across the country, including cities in New Jersey, Wisconsin, California, Tennessee, and Georgia, features dogs launching off a 40-foot stage into a 20,000-gallon pool.

As often as we may make mention of local clients who go out of market for their marketing communications needs, it is nice to see cases like this, where local firms are able to widen their reach and work on accounts that take them across the country, so to speak.

Congratulations to both Murphy Media Services and FusionSet.

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