Rockies – The Winners: Complete Campaign

B to B Local Campaign:

Silver RockieFusionSet, Inc.
Earthpaw Inc., Earthpaw Image Materials
Concept:  Danielle Tindall, Tricia Keener-Blaha
Copy:  Angeli Weller
Production:  Danielle Tindall

Consumer Local Campaign:

Silver RockieStoltz Marketing Group
Avimor, “2008 Campaign”
Concept:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, David Cook, Terri Martin, Ken Stoltz, Chryssa Rich
Copy:  David Cook, Dave Jansik, Chryssa Rich
Art Director:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, Terri Martin
Photography:  Glenn Oakley, Chad Case
Illustrator:  Kate Holgate, Crissie McDowell
Production:  Crissie McDowell, Doug Gneiting, Terri Martin
Producer:  John Lewis, Joslyn & Morris, North by Northwest, Wide Eye Productions
Casting:  Jill Coles

Citation: CollateralDrake Cooper
College of Idaho, We Are the College of Idaho
Concept:  Warren Lassen
Copy:  Warren Lassen
Art Director:  Warren Lassen
Photography:  Warren Lassen, Chad Case
Production:  North by Northwest
Producer:  The Caxton Printers
Casting:  North by Northwest

Consumer Regional / National Campaign:

Gold Rockie – Drake Cooper
United Dairymen of Idaho, Kristin Armstrong / Chocolate Milk Campaign
Concept:  Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone
Copy:  Joe Quatrone
Art Director:  Dennis Budell
Production:  Cale Cathey
Production Photographer:  Tri-Digital Group
Television Production:  North by Northwest