IFAF 2011 GEM Award Winners: Opal Winners

Idaho Falls Advertising Federation

Earlier this month the Idaho Falls Advertising Federation held their annual GEM Awards, recognizing outstanding work throughout eastern Idaho.

The GEM Awards are broken down into three levels:

  1. First place: Diamond
  2. Second place: Idaho Star Garnet
  3. Third place: Opal

Below are the Opal winners:


Television Under $1,000
Company: CableOne
Client: Potelco United Credit Union
Title: B Plates
Credit: Chad Thomas

Television Over $1,000
Company: IE Productions
Client: Idaho Falls Chukars
Title: Most Intriguing Bird
Credit: Gary Stewart

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion
Company: Riverbend Communications
Title: Trick-or-Treat
Credit: Kim Stockton

Company: Riverbend Communications
Client: Smitty’s
Title: Family Date Night
Credit: Kristine Higgenbotham and Tara Kelly

Public Services / Arts & Science
Company: Post Register
Title: Phenomenal Physics
Credit: Gail Austin

Print Publications
Company: Post Register
Client: Rocknak’s Hardware
Title: Big Spring Sale
Credit: Hazel Meshrow

Mixed Media Campaign
Company: MCS Advertising
Client: Idaho Falls Regional Airport
Title: California Dreaming
Credit: Steve Fischbach

Print Publications
Company: ISU Credit Union
Title: Annual Report
Credit: B.J. Fillingame