IFAF 2011 GEM Award Winners: Opal Winners

Earlier this month the Idaho Falls Advertising Federation held their annual GEM Awards, recognizing outstanding work throughout eastern Idaho.

The GEM Awards are broken down into three levels:

  1. First place: Diamond
  2. Second place: Idaho Star Garnet
  3. Third place: Opal

Below are the Opal winners:


Television Under $1,000
Company: CableOne
Client: Potelco United Credit Union
Title: B Plates
Credit: Chad Thomas

Television Over $1,000
Company: IE Productions
Client: Idaho Falls Chukars
Title: Most Intriguing Bird
Credit: Gary Stewart

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion
Company: Riverbend Communications
Title: Trick-or-Treat
Credit: Kim Stockton

Company: Riverbend Communications
Client: Smitty’s
Title: Family Date Night
Credit: Kristine Higgenbotham and Tara Kelly

Public Services / Arts & Science
Company: Post Register
Title: Phenomenal Physics
Credit: Gail Austin

Print Publications
Company: Post Register
Client: Rocknak’s Hardware
Title: Big Spring Sale
Credit: Hazel Meshrow

Mixed Media Campaign
Company: MCS Advertising
Client: Idaho Falls Regional Airport
Title: California Dreaming
Credit: Steve Fischbach

Print Publications
Company: ISU Credit Union
Title: Annual Report
Credit: B.J. Fillingame