Headline Roundup

Just because we haven’t done one of these in a while… A few headlines from around the industry:

Local TV, Radio Ad Market Poised To Rebound: May Top $34 Bil By 2014 – via MediaPost

Welcome to the New Normal – via Talent Zoo

Employee Benefits – via Brandweek

Hiring Freeze Starts to Thaw as Agency Business Hunts for Talent – via Ad Age

Quick Hits: Headline Roundup for August 6th

Here are a few headlines from around the interwebs that caught our attention recently:

Ad Biz Faces the ‘New Normal’ – via Adweek

Agencies Get Social– via Adweek

Advertiser Outcasts– via Adweek

Timing is Everything: Handing Off The Baton As A Team – via MediaPost

Headline Roundup: June 1 – 5

A few articles that caught our eye over the past week:

Six Ways to Avoid Landing in the Product Failure Bin – via Fast Company

A Case for Non-Ad Revenue on the Web – via The New York Times

Most Marketers Ignore Brand Metrics Online – via Adweek

7 Myths Of Metrics – via MediaPost

Del Monte CMO: Spend During Downturn — or Else – via Ad Age

BK’s ‘Whopper Freakout’ Wins Grand Effie – via Adweek

CC, DoubleTake Bringing Ads to Baggage Carousels – via Mediaweek

Headline Roundup: May 25 – 29

A few stories that caught our eye over the past week.

Google Connects Offline Behavior To Digital Marketing – via MediaPost

Anatomy of The Consumer: Touch – via MediaPost

Actors Unions OK Commercial Deal – via MediaPost

Like Lambs to the Slaughter – via Adweek

Nielsen Finds ‘Cord-Cutting’ Is Real, But Cuts Both Ways: Online Video Churns Almost As Much As TV – via MediaPost

Campaigns Address Today’s Anxieties by Looking Back – via The New York Times

When Will Marketers Boost Spending? – via Brandweek

Headline Roundup: May 18 – 22

Here are a few stories that caught our eye over the past several days:

Why Do Chief Marketing Officers Have A Short Shelf Life? – via Forbes

Short-Term Success Or Long-Term Vision? – via MediaPost

Direct Mail Doomed, Long Live Email – via MediaPost

Marketers Losing Respect for Magazines? – via Ad Age