Job Opening – Account Executive

Rizen Creative in Boise has an opening for an Account Executive. The full job description can be found on both Creative Hotlist and the Boise Craigslist.

Bonus points for a well written job description, gentlemen.

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8 Replies to “Job Opening – Account Executive”

  1. “Sound like you? Send a resume (a little important) and some work samples (a lot important) that demonstrate why you’d be a good fit.”

    What kind of work samples should an account executive send?

  2. my guess? case studies, projects you played an active role in and explanation of what that role was, etc. Many agencies, especially outside of Boise, hire ALL employees the same way the hire designers: based on their work and creativity.

  3. With all due respect anonymous, I suppose if you can’t figure it out, you’re probably not the type of person they are looking for…whatever it is they are looking for.

  4. With all due respect, Ed, fuck you. Who said I was looking to apply for the position? I was asking a question because I didn’t understand.

  5. actually, ed, in re-reading your post, it’s possible that you weren’t being snarky and passive-aggressive at all–which is how i took it–if that’s the case, then i apologize (to you and everyone) for jumping the gun and posting my harsh remark. if not, then of course my comment stands because someone should be able to ask an honest question and get an honest anser in my opinion without being attacked by the peanut gallery… dern internets makes it hard to know when someone’s being mean or not…

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