Job Openings at Closed Loop

Closed Loop Marketing & Advertising in Boise is on a hiring spree as of late. In addition to their recent hires, they also have a number of new positions open, including:

Media Buyer: Entry-level Media Buyer to join the media buying team and perform research, media traffic, media buying and other duties as needed.

Account Manager: Experienced Account Manager with a love for the agency business and a strong desire to succeed.

Agency Production / Traffic Manager: Experienced Production/Traffic Manager to manage print, collateral, web and broadcast production.

Copywriter: Concepter / Copywriter with at least three years of experience in multiple mediums, including print, broadcast and interactive.

Art Director: Experienced Art Director with exceptional design and concepting skills. Five years experience preferred, bonus points for web design capabilities.

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  1. I’m betting the turnover at Closed Loop is faster than Tokyo Massage.
    Wonder where everyone went??

  2. Well, that’s a series of childish blogs. How about some useful information instead of innuendo and “same to you, but more of it.”? Some of us out here would benefit from knowing something more tangible.

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