The devil is in the details

This seems to be a recurring theme, but the devil really is in the details. It’s what makes the difference between good work and great work. And too many times, there seems to be examples of what not to do.

This is another one of those.

While watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game on Monday evening, I caught part of a spot for RC Willey at halftime. Pretty standard fare, overall, until the offer (paraphrased): Purchase any big screen TV, and we’ll deliver it in time for the big game. Again, I caught this spot at halftime of ‘the big game’.

Okay, let’s step back and take a look at this for a minute. Was it a good, compelling offer? Yes. Was it good media placement? Yes. But did they play well together in the sandbox at halftime? No.

Now I’d be willing to guess that this was one the tail end of a very effective media buy, and RC Willey probably had some brisk sales as a result. But given the size of the audience for the game, nationally as well as locally, wouldn’t it make sense to double check, and make sure that your creative is a good fit for the placement?

Am I being too critical? Probably. But put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. If you were to see that spot and hear that offer, would you be more or less likely to shop at that store? What would your reaction be?

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2 Replies to “The devil is in the details”

  1. Brian: no, I don’t think you’re being too critical. That kind of stuff bugs me, too. Strikes me as a bit sloppy and lazy.

  2. I saw those commercials too and jokingly thought to myself, “they better hurry cause the big game is half way over.” Glad I could have someone to share the joke with now.

    And dang that Memphis, I couldv’e won some money had they not choked.

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