Upcoming Event – Boise Graphic Design Group / Adobe Users Group Meeting

Apologies for the short notice, but I just recently got word about this one…

The April Boise Graphic Design Group / Adobe Users Group meeting will take place this Wednesday, April 30th, in the William F. Hays Memorial Auditorium at the Boise Public Library (er, Library!) starting at 6:30 pm.

This month’s featured speaker will be Alan Gorringe.

More details about this event can be found here.
(Courtesy of Meetup).

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22 Replies to “Upcoming Event – Boise Graphic Design Group / Adobe Users Group Meeting”

  1. It’s come to my attention that the Boise Graphic Designers group was started by someone that isn’t even a graphic designer, and is using it to just get a pool of artist for his own projects.

  2. The Boise Graphic Design Group was formed to connect designers who are looking for a Boise connection, for a professional org that spends alot of hours each month organizing each monthly meeting location, speaker, contests ect, when did offering jobs be a bad thing –

    The Group Founder – check the membership and and the ratings of those designers that come to the meetings. Man – I was surprised to find this comment – regarding trying to employ those who needed work!
    Just Google Boise Graphic Design Meet up. WOW… I hope Boise is a little more supportive of our group and what we have shared with this community. By the way I never heard him say he was an artist but sure must really dig this industry!

    I think even Adobe recognized this group. Must be doing something good for the industry.

  3. I’ve gone to a couple of the meetings. They’re informative if you’re relatively new to the industry. For folks who are a little more educated in the advertising and graphic design field it can feel tedious and long. The organizers have great intentions so much so to pursue Adobe status AND GET IT! It’s worth attending and deciding for yourself.

  4. Hey anonymous… WHO GIVES A FUCK? They set these up so people can learn. If they want to hire the most talented people they meet at these events, well.. good for them!

  5. As a member of the BGDG for over a year, I’d like to say that the group has been very good for me. I have connected with a few pretty highly respected individuals and generated just about $10,000 worth of business from those connections. To me thats a great ROI for spending a few hours a month with people of like interests.

    I have been lucky enough to present at the group as well as compete in one of the competitions held by the BGDG and won over $600.00 worth of merch including a small wacom tablet and a 19″ flatscreen. To me this group has been nothing but good. We’ll see you next meeting!

  6. I am Sam Swenson, assistant organizer of the Boise Graphic Design group (http://graphicdesign.meetup.com/468/).

    Dave Clemons, the founder, has worked with no intention of gaining any financial benefit to keep the BGD alive and kicking.

    The first commenter received misguided info and should have checked their sources, or better yet, tried to attend a meeting to get the right information before posting.

    The group was started to provide a valuable forum for graphic designers; wherein, as a natural effect of the groups success, many of the group’s graphic designers and other attendees have found excellent opportunities to gain education, camaraderie and even employment.

    I personally am very grateful to Dave Clemons for his intense effort and support of the group. He truly respects the graphic design community and appreciates good design. His vast experience in a wide range of business ventures, from start-ups to large enterprise-level corporations brings a unique wisdom to the group that we all benefit from.

    Dave is an indispensable asset to the group.

  7. I find the Boise Graphic Designers Group to be very useful in so many great ways. I always get to learn new tools and tricks in the design programs. You don’t have to pay a ridiculous yearly fee just to be involved and you actually learn things! Plus you also get to meet all the other awesome people involved. I really don’t think it even matters if the person that started the group is a graphic designer, because all the instructors and speakers are involved, in some way, with the graphic design field.

  8. I’ve only attended one meeting so far and have every intention of making it whenever I can. As a “newbie” with little background information on Dave or the other organizers, or the history of the group, I have no issues with those who are spending the time organizing the event not being a graphic designer. From what I can tell, it’s a great way for others either in the industry or wanting to be in the industry to connect. It takes a lot of time to organize these events and keep them going, and being a graphic designer isn’t a skill needed to get a group of people together.

    Finally, if people gain work from networking, including those who are taking the time organizing the events, great! My assumption is that is why it’s well attended. Learning and networking = jobs.

    Happy to see an undeserved and one off comment like yours is not being tolerated and rejected so strongly. Groups like this should be praised and the organizers should be well thanked for their time and effort it takes to keep something like this going.

    Kevin McNeese
    KMWeb Designs

  9. I have worked with the organizer of the Boise Graphic Design Group for over 4 years now and I think the post of him using the Boise Graphic Design Group for personal gain is unfair. He has put a lot of effort and time into the group to make it work and become as successful as it is today. The whole point of the group is to give designers in the area a place to connect and hopefully find work…so I fail to see any issues with employing some members.

    I also think he is a genuine and caring person and has the interest of the group in mind. I have corporate clients from coast to coast and I can honestly say I am happy to be associated with him and the Boise Graphic Design Group.

  10. So, I’ve followed this group for awhile. I’ve found that it is attended by all kinds of backgrounds in the design community. I think most of it’s value presents itself as an information source for independent designers and new designers who can’t otherwise get information from local veterans who are too arrogant to lower themselves to helping newbies. I think making statements like what “annonymous” has said, is rude, unfounded, and ignorant. It’s a great informational and educational resource that does not hold your qualifications as grounds to be friendly to one another.

  11. The person that made the comment regarding the BDG organizer should think about checking their sources before leaving such comments . I am in multiple meet ups and this is by far the BEST. It is so well organized, and is very apparent that David Clemons has a genuine interest in getting designers together to network and learn.
    It’s evident by the quality of speakers that David brings to the group,and his personal enthusiasm that he has put alot of time & effort to make this a great experience for everyone.He should be congratulated for a great job!

  12. I have been a member of this group since it was started and have really enjoyed what has been presented at each meeting. I am not a designer myself but feel very fortunate to be able to be a part of this group and have been able to connect to some very talented and amazing people that have created some amazing designs for me!

    I would like to congratulate “The Group Founder” for bringing together a talented group of professionals. I know he works hard to coordinate these events and that his intentions are nothing more that to help, teach & to connect others so they can be more succesful in their ventures.

    Thank you David for all your efforts! They are appreciated!

  13. I have been coming since last year and have found this group to be immeasurably worthwhile! In fact so much so that I bring my son who is a VTD student at the U of I when he is home on break and he agrees with me completely. Furthermore, I attend and I am a web developer and not a “Graphic Designer” though I do some graphic design as part of my job. As for Dave using this as a tool to hire… I disagree completely, but if it were the case then what exactly is the problem with that? Any of group in today’s day and age is not only about learning new skills it is also about networking and this group does a wonderful job at both!

    Keep up the great work BGDG and to the idiot who posted… attend a meeting or two before you post in future.


  14. I have been a professional designer for over 17 years and applaud David Clemons for starting the “ADOBE” BGDG. Designer or not he has given those of us in the local market a tool for education and networking. Anyone who puts themselves out there for the betterment of the graphic design collective deserves out thanks. Information, knowledge and networking are what makes the design industry stronger.

  15. What on earth are you thinking posting a comment like that (“started by someone who isn’t even a graphic designer”)? If I wanted to start a car club and bring people in to discuss automotive issues, do I have to be the NHRA Top Fuel Champion? Do I have to have a piece of paper that states I’m “something” before I can offer the expertise of professions to others? For cripe’s sake- NO. What’s required is the love of the topic, pure and simple.
    Get over yourself and the title of graphic artist. Having a title doesn’t make a person any more or less knowledgeable about a subject.
    Just so you know the truth about what David does for that “pool of artists,” he forwards resumes onto other associates in the field and FINDS THEM JOBS! He provides a place to network and collaborate with fellow artists.
    It’s an awesome group providing valued sessions that some would not ordinarily be able to attend.
    I have nothing but praise for Sam and David for devoting their time and effort to make such a group available for networking and honing ones skills.

    Rethink your comment, please.

  16. Wow. I do a very successful Porsche Tuner Event in Las Vegas and I’m glad no one posts that “the organizer drives a Dodge Stratus”.

    All of the Boise Graphic Design Group events have been incredibly informative and when I think about how much time it takes to organize these events I can only say KUDOS!

    The last job email I received I sent to a friend that was recently let go from a job and it was a much appreciated lead. Besides the networking part of the group is just an added benefit that I’m sure all contract/freelancers appreciate.

  17. To those of you who commented on behalf of myself and the value of the group…thank you.

    I’m proud to be apart of this professional group and look forward to a long term relationship with each of you.

    David Clemons

  18. I have not been in Boise long but I have lived many other placed and can comment on this. For Boise being such a small community and ‘supposedly’ close knit there are seriously a lack of worthwhile networking events. We have enough speakers telling us about themselves and we all know BYP is a joke and the Chamber events are always the same individuals. Where is the focus to attract different types of people and interests? It is my belief that Dave Clemons could hang it all up tomorrow and be perfectly fine…and he doesn’t NEED to do this. I genuinely believe he is helping build a strong community and linking people together. If he wanted to hire artists as his purpose there are more effective ways than hosting gatherings and spending voluminous amounts of time organizing these types of events.

  19. I have been apart of the Graphic Design group for almost a year. Dave Clemons has made this group the most organized group That I have ever seen. Since I have been there I have never been approached to do any art work for Dave Clemons. In fact he has sent me leads for jobs having nothing to do with him. Mr anonymous doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about. Stop whining and get a hobby.

    Todd Wells

  20. I have been at every meeting of this group since inception. I am not a graphic designer, but I am an Adobe afficionado who has picked up a lot of education and who has a lot of offer people who are grapic designers who might want to strech themselves professionally. It’s an eclectic group and meets a wide variety of needs. We have a lot to teach each other. I can’t see how it meets any needs of Dave Clemons other than meeting stellar people such as the rest of us, who in turn are meeting all kinds of people at every meeting. Kudos to Dave Clemons for taking the ball and running with it to benefit so many levels of Adobe users at great sacrifice to himself personally. We need more of this kind of altruistic leadership that just wants to bring out the best in the individuals in the group. I can’t say the group has helped monetize my skills, although yes, I’m still hoping for that so I can support my expense Adobe software habit. But some people in the group have more skills than I do, and I have more skills that any other people there in some areas. What a great combination. What a non-snobby welcoming group. Come on by sometime and see for yourself.

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